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Northeastern Wisconsin's Growth Agenda

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Chancellor Bruce Shepard presented "Northeastern Wisconsin's Growth Agenda"
to the UW System Board of Regents Business, Finance, and Audit Committee on Thursday, April 6, 2006.
The board held its April 2006 meetings on the UW-Green Bay campus.



Northeastern Wisconsin's Growth Agenda

What the Growth Agenda Means for UWGB

What is driving the Agenda?

The Growth Agenda...Why Now?

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Northeastern Wisconsin: A Rising Economic Star for Wisconsin

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Why Talk Growth Now?

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What the growth agenda means for UWGB.
      Our shared mission is what it has always been: the Wisconsin Idea. How UWGB proposes to pursue its share of the Wisconsin Idea, is something we call:
“Northeastern Wisconsin’s Growth Agenda.”

Here, at the 30,000 foot level, let’s get what we are talking about out, right up front.
• Increasing headcount, state-supported enrollment by 50%
• GPR Funding that increases by a cumulative base budget adjustment, after three biennia, of $8.2M
• Beginning modestly with smaller base budget adjustments in the first of those three biennia.
• Over these three biennia, we would need to bring to fruition the capital projects now underway and complete one additional classroom/office building currently in the queue.

Details and documentation for these numbers are in the hands of your System staff for their critical evaluation and, in the months ahead, to be reported to you.

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