October 2009

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Introducing Conversations


Today marks the debut of “Conversations,” a publication we’ll share periodically with faculty, staff and community supporters of UW-Green Bay.

The name “Conversations” conveys my intent. I don’t want this to be a one-way communication from the chancellor’s office. I do want this to be a vehicle to facilitate engagement, to solicit opinions and involvement, and to report back what I’m hearing from you and others about our University.

Topic A:

The year ahead for UW-Green Bay

Photo of Thomas Harden speaking with former Interim Chancellor David Ward at the 2009 Fall Convocation

It will be months or perhaps even years before I’m no longer introduced as UW-Green Bay’s “new chancellor,” but until then I wear the title proudly. My wife, Cathy, and I thank you for your warm welcome. Read more...


Scholarship dinner a hit

Photo of community members enjoying the Chancellor's Scholarship Dinner

Last month the Chancellor’s Scholarship Dinner brought together 200 community friends for a relaxing evening at the Weidner Center. Read more...

Campus Question

Photo of the Weidner Memorial Carrillon

Weidner Memorial Carillon thoughts?

The new Weidner Memorial Carillon can be programmed to play short, pre-recorded concerts at regular intervals.

Some have suggested this might become a campus tradition. Any thoughts on whether this should be weekly, monthly and/or related to special events? Mornings, afternoons or evenings?

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Your View

Student Views on H1N1 Flu

Katie Kohrt

Portrait of Katie Kohrt

“I think (University officials) could put up more advertisements about it. It was good they sent us an e-mail, but more advertisements in the hallways. People do look at those… I’m sort of a hypochondriac, so it scares me to death.”

— Katie Kohrt, Senior, Psychology

Matt Hallam

Portrait of Matt Hallam

“I think the response has been appropriate. What else are you really going to do? You have to do something, but you can’t walk everybody around…

Worrying doesn’t change whether or not you get it. ”

— Matt Hallam, Senior, Human Biology

Elaena Duffy

Portrait of Elaena Duffy

“Because agencies have warned about it, I think they’re pretty prepared for what’s going to happen.

On campus, I think the word is out, the e-mail was appropriate, and the hand sanitizers are OK. I would like to see them take more steps on it, like cleaning the things that people touch every day — keyboards in the labs, desks, railings…”

— Elaena Duffy, Senior, Human Biology