February 2010

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“Conversations” is a publication we’ll share periodically with faculty, staff and community supporters of UW-Green Bay.

The name “Conversations” conveys my intent, as I don’t want this to be a one-way communication from the chancellor’s office. I do want this to be a vehicle to solicit opinions and encourage your involvement.

Topic A:

Strategic planning will involve campus, community, you

Aerial photo of campus.

Let’s be clear: It’s not that we don’t have an idea of where we’re headed. We do. This institution has many capable people who, collectively, have done much to advance the University over many years. We have any number of strategic initiatives and focused plans — the facilities master plan, the growth agenda, academic plans and more — that in various ways address the future. Read more...


Employees support UW-Green Bay

Talented and dedicated, UW-Green Bay’s faculty and staff members are this institution’s greatest resource.

Especially in challenging times. With budget cuts, pay givebacks and work-hour reductions hitting at the same time demand for our services continues to climb, faculty and staff have demonstrated commitment and creativity in striving to minimize any negative impact on students and community. Read more...

Campus Question

What is your vision for UW-Green Bay?

Where do you see a competitive advantage… a strategic opportunity… an existing initiative or area that deserves increased attention? The University is beginning a strategic planning process (see Topic A) and invites you to contribute your ideas and observations. The strategic planning themes that result will help guide institutional priorities over the coming decade.

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Alumni Views on the Phoenix

Christopher Sampson

Portrait of Christopher Sampson

“I think it’s interesting that 40 years ago we were the first school in the country to choose the Phoenix as a nickname. The singular mascot — only one phoenix lives at a time, according to mythology — was also unusual, but the idea was to symbolize the closeness of the team, university and community. It’s a unique mascot for a unique school.”

— Christopher Sampson, communications director

Rich Spangenberg

Portrait of Rich Spangenberg

“I like the Phoenix as the UW-Green Bay mascot. I think it fits. In the fall of the year, when the students come back the campus is rejuvenated. With each athletics team, each year the seniors leave and the new freshmen come in, so the team is reborn.”

— Rich Spangenberg, Class of 1971

Candace Hulsey

Portrait of Candance Hulsey

“To me, the Phoenix symbolizes unity and power ... the new (Athletics) logo is more intense and takes it to a higher level.”

— Candace Hulsey, Class of 2010

(Comments excerpted from a video prepared by student station TV-20 for national broadcast on ESPNU during the Jan. 29 Green Bay/Butler game. Search “birth of the bird” to find the two-minute video archived at