October 2010

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Greetings...and gratitude

Greetings! UW-Green Bay enters the new school year on a flurry of positive headlines — record ACTs for our new freshmen, record minority enrollment, and major grants for our faculty— but I’ll pinpoint two other recent events because they illustrate the unique nature of a University community.

Key Topics:

A foundation, planning, sustainability, grad offerings

My wife, Cathy, and I were delighted to help new freshmen unload their gear on move-in day this fall.

With the semester well under way, I’d like to take a moment to update the readers of this newsletter on what to expect this year at UW-Green Bay.

As I said to faculty and staff at our annual kickoff breakfast, despite lean times and what I view as a broken system of funding for American higher education, we can be confident nonetheless. UWGB has talented people, a worthy mission and substantial community support. Change is sweeping higher education but I believe our University can help drive that change. In my remarks, I outlined four special objectives for 2010-11.


'Quick Fixes' make difference

Talented and dedicated, UW-Green Bay’s faculty and staff members are this institution’s greatest resource.

Especially in challenging times. With budget cuts, pay givebacks and work-hour reductions hitting at the same time demand for our services continues to climb, faculty and staff have demonstrated commitment and creativity in striving to minimize any negative impact on students and community. Read more...

Campus Question

What is your personal vision for a more diverse UW-Green Bay?

Reflecting on our history, are there achievements in this regard or, conversely, opportunities missed that can constructively inform our efforts moving forward? UW-Green Bay is joining UW System institutions statewide in making a priority of “Inclusive Excellence,” a new approach that broadens the definition of diversity and celebrates the educational value of bridging various differences.

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Student Views...on diversity

Quita Paul

Portrait of Quita Paul

“When people often think of diversity it’s often a racial concept but for me diversity is all about meeting people who have different interests, different backgrounds.”

— Quita Paul, Senior, Communication major

Jessica Nell

Portrait of Jessica Nell

“Without diversity people don’t understand what the world is really like. People can get stuck in their own bubble… and become afraid of the unknown.”

— Jessica Nell, Senior, Social Work major

Fernando Chavarria

Portrait of Fernando Chavarria

“Sometimes walls and biases are created not because of racism but simply because of lack of knowledge. So to tear down those kinds of walls… the message of diversity needs to be out there.”

— Fernando Chavarria, Junior, Communication major

(Comments excerpted from an upcoming news video on the launch of the Inclusive Excellence initiative at UW-Green Bay. )