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2006 Faculty and Staff CONVOCATION
August 23, 2006
Chancellor's Remarks
Bruce Shepard, Chancellor

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— Weidner Center
— Accreditation
— Mission Statement
— Curriculum
— NCAA Certification
— Diversity Scorecard
— Phuture Phoenix
— Partnerships
— Growth Agenda
— Capital Campaign
— The Budget
— Sustainable Development

— Changing Environment
— Critiques
— Lessons to Learn
— Ball Remains in Our Court


(This is a full text of the prepared remarks. Not reflected here are ad-lib additions or deletions as actually delivered.)

Cyndie joins me in offering a warm welcome back. It’s great to see so many colleagues we now count as good friends. And, to see the new people among us who will become our friends in the years ahead.
    A word to those new to the University or in new positions. Cyndie and I, with the help of the Phoenix Bookstore, have left a small token of our friendship on your chairs. A coffee cup.
    We come from the northwest where coffee is a religion. This year, I have gone over the deep end. I actually roast my own beans every few days. So, whatever your preferred beverage, please accept the symbolism. Coffee has been a passion for us. Our more recent passion is for the special people who are UWGB, you who make this a caring, creative, and comfortable community.
    Each June, letting several more-relaxed weeks pass after the last diploma is handed out, I find my mind turning to this day. Your time, being here this morning, is a gift to the University that must be most wisely used. So, I begin searching for ideas that might possibly be of help as you pursue our shared commitment to this University. I have been thinking about a lot of subjects. Perhaps too many. And, there is much I want to cover this morning. Perhaps too much. So, I will use the same approach as I did last year, offering, as I speak, a somewhat abbreviated version of the fuller address, available on the Web.
Summer is no longer that hiatus in the life of a university when we simply renew and recharge. This campus directly served over 10,000 people this summer in camps, symposia and conferences, our increasingly popular summer school, FOCUS, and more. I know from conversations this morning, that, even if not a part of those activities, you were busy with writing and research taking you throughout the country, throughout the hemisphere, and, for some, across the globe.
    And, it has been a busy summer for construction. Remarkable progress already has been made on the Kress Events Center. Because of what this will mean for our students, I do want to thank all who made it possible.
    Many of you also have had to negotiate your way through and around Instructional Services. That work, too, represents progress on campus as upgraded ventilation and mechanical systems are needed to support the growing number of computers and educational technology opportunities.



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