Getting to Know UW-Green Bay Conversations with Chancellor Shepard:
Alumni Association Board
November 28, 2001

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The Alumni Association has given a $10,000 gift to the university.

The community feels the university is removed ­ citizens middle age and older don’t know how to get here.

The Chancellor mentioned the psychological distance.

Years ago, the Alumni Association was a nonprofit 501 c.  We would like our voices heard.  We’re structured differently than the Founders Association, etc.  Perhaps we could do an annual report showcasing what we do and how we contribute.

The Chancellor mentioned that we are all here to help.  Let me know the ideas you have about getting your voices heard.  

The community lacks awareness about what the university contributes (i.e. library depository for Federal and State records). 

I like what you said earlier (during remarks at the reception) about Green Bay’s university. 

We can bring more recognition by taking the university to the community ­ to outlying areas such as Hortonville.

The Chancellor talked about serving the region of NE Wisconsin.  Not only with regard to educational opportunities, but meeting needs.  We’re doing much of that, but people don’t know about it. 

Call on alumni with expertise ­ we have a wonderful base in our alumni.  We’re a valuable component to get into the community. 

With regard to discussions at the Economic Summit in Milwaukee on Monday and Tuesday:  Relationship roles in technology ­ how will that fall together?

The Chancellor replied that we have roots in providing interdisciplinary perspectives in preparing students for the future.  What industry today isn’t high tech?  A small segment needs engineering background.  We need experts to solve problems ­ that goes back to one of our strengths about meeting that need.  Broadly trained people make better long-term managers. 

There is a difference between those who know how and those who know why (the Chancellor liked this remark).

You can use basic skills throughout multiple organizations ­ specific skills can be learned.

As Chancellor, where do you want us to go?

The Chancellor replied that he sees us as NE Wisconsin’s university serving our region.  We should be called when there’s a problem.  That means that we open our doors ­ we grow. 

“Legacy” families was mentioned (i.e. an alumn whose son or daughter attends here ­ the legacy).  They have strong, positive things to say about us ­ it’s a circle of connection ­ they need a good campus experience ­ it’s important to our future.

The Chancellor mentioned that if we grow, it’s important not to loose what’s good about us.  There is an economy of scale ­ 7500 students ­ how does that sound to you?

The original master plan for campus was 20,000 students, but realistically thinking, 7500. 

What is the status of Business Administration certification?

The Chancellor replied that our Business Admin program is developing a business plan to have a program that would be ASCB accredited.  In fact, he’s meeting with them tomorrow.  This would help us reach out to the community.  Most is being done by collaboration rather than duplication ­ i.e. combining coursework at different institutions such as St. Norbert College and UW-Oshkosh.  

With regard to teacher certification programs, there’s a need we’re not meeting.  Other universities are grabbing onto that; that program has struggled.

The Chancellor talked about providing programs where the students are (i.e. Menominee).  The issue we face is enrollment caps.  We’re penalized financially if we grow and need to send dollars back.  We’ve been working on retention and as a result, we’re too big so we need to cut back on new freshmen.  


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