Getting to Know UW-Green Bay Conversations with Chancellor Shepard:
Athletics/Phoenix Sports Center
November 6, 2001

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Athletics has the opportunity to send teams coast-to-coast as a member of the Horizon league.  We need to capitalize on that.

Very concerned about the lack of men students.

Facility needs ≠ we cannot compete with ourselves

Intramural needs

If we expand, we need physical education courses for students (activity courses)

Where are we going?  Are we staying in this facility or building a new one?

Fitness area is the No. 1 priority

Gym space is a priority.

Space needs include housing, concerts, graduation, practices, and offices.

Office space badly needed.

Training space needed.

Classroom for 150 athletes needed.

Helping our athletes with class schedules.  Canít start practice until 3:45 p.m. and evening classes start at 6:00 p.m.  (Some start at 5:00 p.m.)

Food issue ≠ cafeteria closes at 6:30 p.m.  Athletes need a lot of food and the costs are prohibitive for many.

Another issue ≠ once a week classes that are 3-hours long from 2-5 p.m.

Education classes start at 5:00 p.m.

Investing in our students ≠ need better scheduling of classes.  Many times we have less than one hour of practice.

Menís basketball ≠ keep it downtown (at the arena)

Donít delay the remodeling or building of a facility on campus.  We have immediate needs.

For the long haul ≠ we need a facility on campus.

Need revenue to build that facility.

An on-campus facility could generate a better quality of life for students.

We need to think about balancing revenues ≠ big issue is whether we can afford to run the facility.

Staffing is a concern.

Laundry facilities are a concern.

Equipment manager needed.

Thoughts on new athletic director:

We need someone with a vision.

Good communicator, open, honest leader and advocate who can communicate with the community.

The candidate (athletic director) and Chancellor must work together.

Hit the ground running.

Community needs to feel trust in us.

Proven track record and highly motivated.

There is a division on this campus ≠ them and us.  Over there and over here.

Build bridges

We need a people person with a smile, good gestures, voice, work ethic, and behavior.

We want to like that person.

Has to be able to deal with people.

A candidate who looks at each sport ≠ all sports should be considered by the candidate.

Someone who has an understanding of what we have done, understands compliance, and other administrative duties ≠ no micro-manager.

Fund raising is important, but working with coaches, compliance and administration is also very important.

We need a complete candidate, able to find out what each area, person, and sport is about.

Athletic director is not a one-person job.  Needs an assistant.

We are looking for a new direction.

There are many young staff who want to learn and grow with the new athletic director.

We need to have student-athletes register early for classes.

Bridge the gap with the campus.

Build relationships.

We need a stronger sense of community on campus.

Moving to a new level:

We need growth and exposure ≠ a radio network to broadcast throughout Northeastern Wisconsin.  We need to work with admissions and communications.

Weíve been dictating to the community, unless we listen to their needs, they will not continue to support us.

We need to even the playing field.

Bring the community to us.

We need to do more things to get us where UW-Milwaukee is today.

Communities support universities who support communities.

Need signage to make the campus user friendly.

We need UW System to rally behind UW-Green Bay.

How big should we be?

Continue to grow, but if so, then on-campus housing needs to grow also.

No longer be a commuter campus.

People are surprised by our small size.

We need to grow because of the half million people in the surrounding area.

We are constrained by the Regents.

Our young university needs more alumni.


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