Getting to Know UW-Green Bay Conversations with Chancellor Shepard:
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January 9, 2002

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What is your technology philosophy and orientation?  How interested in it are you?  How do you feel about it?

Do you want to be a leader in technology?  How do we achieve our goals in technology?

We have certain control over technology, but are limited in many ways too.

We are concerned about the high cost of textbooks, even though sales of textbooks have been great.

The Phoenix Dunkers Booster Club should use new logos.  The bird is an old fashioned bird and should be updated.

If we are to be a quality market university is our academic program array adequate?

Are there plans for classes to go on the internet?  Only 13 now, but probably will be more.

The campus populations will rise in 10 years.  How is UW System Administration doing as far as UW-Green Bay is concerned?  Are we getting our fair share?

Economy of scale.

Some growth of students would help the seg. fees.

Media says we are closed ≠ perhaps shutting the door to some students.

It is always good to grow and move forward.

We need more classes so kids can get the credits needed.

There are ramifications with Tuesday and Thursday classes as far as work schedules in the Union, bookstore, bursarís office, etc.

We have created programs on weekends.

Keep the ball rolling as far as CL 21 is concerned.  The Union should be remodeled and refurbished, we need to make sure there is funding for it.

The University wants to be a part of the community ≠ this was not always the case.

Phoenix Bookstore location ≠ historically not the best place for a bookstore.  Itís a doormat to the university ≠ we look forward to moving to the Union.

We have or need an environment that supports creativity, risk-taking, and entrepreneurship.

How do you feel about distance learning and Extended Degree?

Maybe we should have courses offered at the Port Plaza Mall ≠ it would help both the community and us.

Have offices at NWTC, Fox Valley Tech, etc.

The biggest issue in the bursarís office is Peoplesoft.

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