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February 27, 2002

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E-mail distribution and communication ≠ at the present time we only send e-mail to permanent employees.  LTEs and ad-hocs are not included on the distribution list and they should be.

We need to look into distribution with Mary Fischer of human resources and Peter Kretche of computing.

Professors should e-mail their classes when canceling.

If they want the support staff to cancel their classes they would need the class roster or access to the professorís list serves.  This would bring up the dilemma of openness or closed list-serve.  Again need to discuss with Peter Kretche.

We need one central database for student addresses.

The graduate list should be updated too.

Since SOAP will no longer be available we need to check with Peoplesoft people regarding having transcripts on Peoplesoft as they were on SOAP.

The main entrance ≠ what is your opinion of it?  Needs help.

The information center should be in a central strategic location as it was before in the library alcove.

Signage and layout of campus needs improvement.

The locking of doors at 4:30 p.m. on the third floor of MAC Hall is a problem for students who need to see faculty members.  We need to check into telephones (would need four) or doorbells.  The chancellor will talk to Dean about this.  Security is very necessary.

Flex-time ≠ we are so structured, no leniency for flex time ≠ have to be here from 7:45 to 4:30.  Seems like a lack of trust in all UW Employees.

Faculty vs. staff positions ≠ we are under funded.  We must grow in order to get funding.

It seems like there are levels on our campus ≠ top level is faculty, mid-level is academic staff, and lowest level is classified staff.  A feeling of disrespect for us.  One way to alleviate this would be to include the word colleagues in communications and also include the words faculty, academic staff, and classified staff colleagues.

The UW System bureaucracy needs help.

Employees should be paid based on workload rather than pay structure currently in use.

A notice of re-classifications should be celebrated by either annual announcement for all, or a cookies and punch type of celebration including all faculty, staff, and classified.

The Administrative Support Unit has many good points

  • Offers enrichment programs

  • Been in existence 23 years

  • Good communication tool and mentoring

  • Involved in helping the community such as Daffodil Days, food drives, clothing drives, book drives, etc.

  • Every year there is a Fall Conference hosted by our campus and many other campuses join us ≠ about 50% from our campus and 50% off-campus.

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