Getting to Know UW-Green Bay Conversations with Chancellor Shepard:
Controller, Bursar, Human Resources, Payroll
January 9, 2002

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Where do we need to go?  More community involvement for students and staff ­ require an internship before students graduate or require a Senior Seminar.  Market what we’re about ­ I believe we go back to an old stereo-type of a commuter campus ­ there’s more to us than the Weidner Center and athletics. 

The Chancellor talked about our interdisciplinary approach ­ preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist.  It’s his job to sell that to 18 year olds and their parents, but hasn’t determined how best to do that.

We should do a better job of preparing students for interviews.  When I interview our graduates, as compared to St. Norbert graduates, I’ve found St. Norbert graduates are better prepared for the interview process ­ it’s required at St. Norbert.  Our students don’t have the interviewing tools ­ they have poorer resumes.

We have a great business program, but we’re not known as a business school.  We should market that.

The Chancellor talked about the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Green Bay Panel discussion ­ many of our graduates are involved in Leadership Green Bay ­ they’re an untapped resource. 

The Chancellor inquired about what’s getting in the way of your aspirations?

(1)   PeopleSoft ­ the way we interact with students will change ­ there is a definite learning curve.

(2)   I’m a relatively new employee.  There is a limited amount of information available from predecessor about job procedures and policies.  I’d like to know if that applies to other areas.  Things being carried in peoples heads is a deficit to new employees. 

(3)   Need a training program for new employees.  I know we offer training for supervisors, sexual harassment training, and training on Broadbanding, but we need something broader for new employees. 

(4)   We’d like delegation with regard to search and screen procedures.  There are limitations with regard to classified searches from UW System and the Dept. of Employee Relations because we don’t have delegation.  With regard to unclassified searches, we’d like to provide training, streamline the process, and actually recruit. 

All UW campuses are unique, even though we’re all part of the UW System.

The Chancellor asked what UW-Green Bay should be known for.

Response was quality education.

When you go out into the community, what feedback to get?

The Chancellor replied:  (1) funny degrees (2) commuter campus and (3) faculty and staff don’t want to be engaged in the community.  We have very few negatives, that’s mainly because we’re not known well, so we can market to our advantage.  He feels there’s untapped support in the community (i.e. partnerships). 

One of the great things you’re doing is meeting with us. 

President Lyall’s raise is a negative.  Many in the community assume we’re all overpaid.

The Chancellor replied that he’s heard from legislators that it’s basically a timing issue.  There never is a “right time” though.  As a System, we’re one of the best in terms of national ranking on quality but leaders have below average salaries even after the raises.  Cannot deny, though, that this action has created a lot of concern.  The Chancellor believes it will continue to haunt us in the legislative process.  

Have you heard anything about Green Bay becoming a college town?

The Chancellor replied that that’s psychological rather than geographical.

Do we want to endorse growth in our direction?   There are advantages to growth, but there are costs.  An economic benefit would be reduced overhead costs.  When smaller, get to know each other.

The reply was that that’s a question of some controversy. 

The Chancellor mentioned that he hasn’t heard anything in the community.

Can a school our size offer more masters?

The Chancellor stated that we would need to be larger to make it work.  We need to address needs of the region. 

How many students can we fit on this campus as it is currently configured?

The Chancellor stated 7500 students.  We’d need a proportionate increases in staffing and facilities, but we’d save in administration, etc.

I feel as though growth is good.  I know of two freshmen living on campus who are thinking of transferring because there’s nothing here for them on weekends ­ many students go home on weekends.  First generation college students have a need to re-connect with family on weekends.

The Chancellor inquired about getting behind the Mayor re. a proposed Bay Settlement Road interchange and a business district in that area?

I’d be in favor of growing if we can also provide quality and a more quality diversity for students.  There would be more in the area for the students to do.

The Chancellor inquired about reaching out to diversify faculty and staff and students?  Tensions on campus would be increased.

Is the University comfortable with its level of recruiting efforts?  The Upward Bound program is a good program, but I don’t know how many of those students actually enroll here.  I know that some do go to UW-Stevens Point.

The Chancellor responded that with so few students of color on campus, it’s lonely to be the only person of color in a class.  We must change that.

Are our admissions policies directing us in the direction of such recruitments?  Our diversity plan is aimed at students of color who are U.S. citizens.  Our international student base is dwindling.  It is difficult for international students to adjust to UW-Green Bay.  September 11 raises concerns.

The Chancellor mentioned hosting 6 international students at Thanksgiving and that they are glad to be here.  I would like to see us grow to allow all who’d like to attend who are qualified to be able to admitted.


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