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January 16, 2002

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Thanked Chancellor Shepard for meeting with them.

Re: Building hours for the entire campus --why are buildings open late into the evening when there are no classes (such as this time of year)?  It's an invitation to vandalism.

   Vice Chancellor Maki replied because of providing access to faculty/staff who might want to get into their offices.

MAC Hall is wide open Saturday afternoons ≠ you can walk into any classroom ≠ thereís expensive equipment in the classrooms available for the taking.

The Chancellor replied that universities around the country are re-evaluating hours when there are no classes.  It also gets at the heating issue.

Graduation is Memorial Day Weekend ≠ finals begin the Monday prior.  Any thought to changing the date of commencement so it doesnít fall on a holiday weekend?

Vice Chancellor Maki said that itís a mandate about how many hours of classes need to be offered.  Sally Mancoske met with the Leadership Team and discussion ensued about starting earlier to avoid holiday weekends.

The Chancellor talked about how commencement is such an important day for the graduates and their families and about his disappointment in low faculty turn out.

Is it customary for professors to give keys to classrooms to students?  Class will be over, I clean and lock the room, and before long there are students in there and the room is thrashed.  Common courtesy would be appreciated.

The Chancellor suggested letting the students know what expectations are ≠ let them know in a nice way that the room had just been cleaned and that youíd appreciate their help in keeping it that way.

The previous Chancellor did a survey about what employees do and there was talk about putting maintenance out for bid.  Will the University ever contract out?

The Chancellor replied that thatís not an option under discussion.

Vice Chancellor Maki went on to say that it was actually the Governor who requested the survey about contracting out services, but that we never considered doing so.

When LS is remodeled, will there be any request for additional help?

Vice Chancellor Maki mentioned that the entire building is being remodeled and that approximately 1,500 square feet will be added (new offices, new labs).  When we add new space, we donít get bodies to maintain that space.  Itís the way the State actually approaches new space.  With the addition of MAC Hall, we had to take a position from somewhere else on campus, as well as dollars for supplies.  With the Union remodel and Sports Center complex, due to different revenue sources being used, we will have more staffing to maintain those buildings.

The Chancellor inquired about they are treated by faculty, staff, and students.

The general response was that there are not problems, but that there are always a few problems.  The professors are willing to help you out.

I was at housing 7 ż years ≠ that operation has expanded beyond the capability of people to run it.  Those built in 1997 and 1998, due to kitchens and layout, are much harder to maintain.  Those 2 buildings are like taking care of 9 of the older buildings.  Its hard work for what youíre getting paid.  Thereís not enough help.  They hire student help, but there no continuity there because they come and go.  Too much floor space for the number of maintenance staff.

What percentage of the athletic budget is raised at BayFest?

Response:  Approx. $140,000 raised - $3 million athletic budget.

The grounds are torn up for what you get out of it, doesnít seem to make much sense.  Must be terrible for the grounds department.

The Chancellor replied that heís beginning to learn about BayFest and yes, it is damaging to the grounds.  There is added responsibility for staff.  We are in the process of shifting dollars from BayFest revenues to pay back those departments who need assistance for helping with BayFest.  Heís also concerned that we may be promoting an image the campus is not comfortable with ≠ drinking.  He hears from students that they come here because weíre not known as a party campus.

On the other hand, that might be the only time those people make it to campus ≠ it is a nice family event with good entertainment, rides, food, etc.  ≠ we are far out and rather isolated  - so for that reason itís nice to get the people to campus.  What percentage of operations and grounds time is reimbursed?

Vice Chancellor Maki replied that he didnít have those numbers ≠ weíre phasing that payback in and eventually it will cover 100% of the costs involved.

The biggest complaint I hear about BayFest is the lack of parking and the cost to park.  With the growth of the campus, are there any plans for additional parking?

Vice Chancellor Maki replied that we actually have more stalls than any other UWS campus, but we should have because of our location.  Other campuses are closer to town so thereís parking on the streets.  We do monitor the lots, there are empty stalls.

Finding your way around campus can be difficult.  Delivery people come to campus ≠ all they have is the general address, 2420 Nicolet Drive so they donít know where to go.  Itís difficult to give directions.

Vice Chancellor Maki replied that the exterior signage was redone in hopes it would help, but if only the general campus address is given, yes that would be difficult.  Weíre re-doing interior signage, as well.  The biggest help is for employees to assist and give directions when someone needs assistance.

The Information Center used to be in a central location.  Now, itís in the Union.  The old location was more central.

Vice Chancellor Maki replied that the old Information Center was closed due to budget cuts.  The Union already had a Center so efforts were consolidated to that location.

I hear complaints from students about food service:  food is cheaper at other campuses and the lack of variety.

The Chancellor replied that heís not so sure itís cheaper at other campuses.  Some of the issues have to do with the size of our university.  Some campuses are going to fast food franchises which the students seem to love.

Vice Chancellor Maki stated that we are looking at food service and that weíve visited other campuses.  One solution that appears to work is that rather than offering a lot every day, offer less but rotate what you offer. 

With the Union expansion, will housing mailboxes be moved?

Vice Chancellor Maki replied that weíre looking at expanding the Community Center at housing and that the mailboxes would be relocated to that location.

It was agreed that a larger Community Center at housing is needed.


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