Getting to Know UW-Green Bay Conversations with Chancellor Shepard:
November 16, 2001

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Important to know that Mark Perkins was instrumental in the Partnership for Learning.

You, as Chancellor, should be a part of the development of the Institute for Learning by going to graduation and other programs.

Address the diverse population of faculty and students.

Money is a factor or sticking point in recruiting diverse faculty.

Look for graduate students of color (maybe by visiting other universities) and entice them to our university and then retain them.

One of Educationís successful elements is the Masters program ≠ we must continue it and focus on it.

UW System has pluses and minuses to address certification issues ≠ we are not meeting the needs of our region ≠ we are not allowed to ≠ because of Oshkosh.

ESL certification necessary for all students.

We have a shortage of teachers ≠ demand for, but we donít offer enough in the area of certification.

No shortage in early education, but there is in special education.

Program for minorities ≠ alternative certification.

Resource allocation ≠ we have a large freshman admission and then they are denied admission.

PI 34 funding issues.

How big do we want to be?

P1 34 ≠ Everyone is doing more work making a dramatic difference.

Coordination of efforts needed to help with workloads.

We need to make our graduate program stronger.

Need teacher in higher education program partnership.

Cultivate our own FTEs and work together with public districts.

Generate different resources.

Technology is the driving force.

Our campus should be using technology as a tool for learning.  Teaching faculty how to use this technology is needed.

Scholarship, teaching and learning center should be all encompassing.

A mistake to have every course asynchronous.

We have to defend our music-keyboard program; in danger of losing it.

Day care on campus ≠ would love to have one again.  Need to address this.

Interdisciplinarity stands out on our campus.

Focus on Interdisciplinarity has been over emphasized.

We have a strong liberal arts focus.

Will we be asked to do less general ed. Courses?

Registrarís office and academic advising give students from College of the Menominee Nation a lot of problems ≠ it is hard for these students to get into our programs.

Need to support articulation.

Tuition canít be charged on credit cards.

Bookstore is not open long enough.

Bookstore should have more hours.

We need parking for faculty and staff


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