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February 27, 2002

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Communication very important.

Student interaction.

Money limits us.

Communicate and listen to us.

We have a dual tension on campus ­ those who hold us back because of history, constraints, etc., and those who want to move ahead and try something new.

Junior faculty are excited and ready to go but feel held back by “old-fashioned” ideas.

Learning Experience motivated more positions, but no clearly defined plan.

A split on issue of Learning Experience.  We are developing a strategy on showing how “we” are different.  Some felt it was for resources, others how we really are different.

Interdisciplinary programs ­ look at multi perspectives.

We need marketing help, critical thinking, and problem solving techniques.

Inability to ensure what we say IS ­ in the classroom.

We should be doing things to help faculty in the classroom.

Find out the prevalence of education.  Collect more information about what we do.

Most students apply education later in life.  Important part of Learning Experience.

Learning Experience is the resistance to change without money.  People perceive themselves as not good enough.  Merit process is an affront.

Each unit needs their own treatment.  Treated as separate entities.

How do we make different levels of contact between students and teachers?

It is easier to say that it should be learning rather than teaching.

Our students need to learn ­ but also our faculty need to know or learn how to teach.

Shift from teaching to learning won’t happen unless we change our ways with tenure and research.

Faculty need to focus on student learning.

We need to re-focus on merit and research.

Our identity needs improvement.

Market what we are and we are not clear on that.

Strategic plan should be simple and consistent.

Our university is young, open and open to scrutiny, while everyone thinks highly of St. Norbert College.

We have to take our campus to the community.

I spend lots of time in schools ­ how much good will we could reach there.

If you can’t do something for someone, even though you’ve done 20 other things, it may be looked upon negatively.

We need community involvement.

Concerned about how we can make our leaders strong in business and education, etc.

We all need leadership skills taught to us ­ both at university and in the real world out there.

Framing of interdisciplinarity ­ ask community leaders how they began.

Tension in Learning Experience between university and community leaders.

Show me how your students are critical thinkers and problem solvers.

In the Learning Experience looking at what piece fits in with what we are already.

What are we doing that we would like everyone in the university to do.



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