Getting to Know UW-Green Bay Conversations with Chancellor Shepard:
Assistant Dean for Enrollment Services, Registrar,
Admissions, Financial Aid
February 6, 2002

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Financial Aid Office smallest group of staff in this group - that office needs to grow.  We’re looking at PeopleSoft issues, personnel issues, and a lack of voice on the Leadership Team.  We don't have a direct communication line to you.  Without that, you get a homogenized view of what we do.  Provost Cohen was very involved with us, but I'm not sure how/if that will happen with a new Provost.

The Chancellor replied that he's looked at both organizational models; there are advantages with this model; there are opportunities for integration of services.  There are advantages with the other model, as well (i.e. separate reporting lines).  It could be a status thing.  Mentioned that he hasn't made any changes - it's too early - but it will be re-examined.

He went on to say that he was glad to hear of your concerns during the search and screen process for a new Provost.  The test will be in the candidates we're recruiting.

We've hired a consultant for the Provost search - that's something not typically done for a Provost search.  He's working the country for us to get good candidates.

I'm concerned about the level of services we provide to students.  With the amount of staff we have, something has to give (i.e. implementing PeopleSoft next year). 

The Chancellor replied that he understands concerns.  Our approach should be to use this time as an opportunity to re-examine every policy we have.  The driving force should be that if it’s academically important to our students, retain it - otherwise, consider deleting.

But that won't address our needs in the next few months when we go live. 

The student body is unaware of how they will be affected.  We should educate them.  There aren't enough academic advisors available to students - we need more dollars, more personnel.

The Chancellor stated that the data are clear that we are not doing a good job in advising.  We'll look at how we approach advising.  We need to make changes.  We can't add more dollars to do the same things.  With regard to those students who know what they want, advising could be done by faculty.

Response was that the PeopleSoft implementation cycle was set in consultation with PeopleSoft.  We're staging implementation over about a 12-month rollout.  UW-Milwaukee is in the same place in the process, but our group is well prepared and is ahead of them in some cases.

Educating students has just begun - some in this room probably aren't aware of that - most of the outreach effort was intended to occur just in time so people wouldn’t forget.

My area is already live with Peoplesoft.  Fundamental changes are happening within my office.  Some processes just take longer.  What do we do next fall?  I'm a director - I've become technically oriented - management functions have trickled down on my staff and that's not fair to them.

The Chancellor again suggested re-examining the process - suggested calling colleagues at other campuses to see how they do things.

We're all nervous about it - a concern is the level of service we provide.  Now, students walk in on Monday and they get their check on Friday.  That won't happen with PeopleSoft.  We're used to providing service on demand.  We know it will get better and faster, we're trying to streamline, we'll become efficient, but it will still take longer.

The Chancellor talked about the bureaucracy in Wisconsin and the UW System (i.e. amount of paperwork involved with travel, for instance). 

One of the principles we're trying to work through is to make sure core functionality works.  The compromise is the lack of some services - it will grow to restoring some of those services.  Now, we just hope registration works!

The Chancellor mentioned that if students get grades on the web and still via mail, that takes time and costs money - duplication of effort.

It's interesting, because there are other issues, but they seem less important now due to PeopleSoft.  There are admission issues, for instance. 

What is the character of UW-Green Bay?  What are we known for?  What is your position on multicultural issues?  My role is to encourage multicultural students to enroll here.  Once they are here, they find resistance (i.e. in housing, etc). 

The Chancellor replied that he hopes we're known for emerging from the process. 

Gave the story about when he was in Oregon - small liberal arts college - we need to hook up to the region.  The community wants to be involved.  On campus, we're already engaged in so many ways - it’s a marketing issue.

How do we prepare students for jobs that don't yet exist?  The distinct UW-Green Bay approach is the way to do it (i.e. multiple perspectives, interdisciplinary approach, etc.)  I don't' know how you sell that to 18-year olds and their parents.  We do need a consistent repeated message; the Marketing Council is working on a plan. 

Diversity, it's the right thing to do.  We need to prepare students for the world they'll be entering.  Diversity is part of that world.  All students need to know how to work with others.  Green Bay isn't the community many remember - we should see differences as a source of strength.  I'm meeting with leaders of different cultures in the community.  We need to diversity the faculty and staff, as well as the student body.

Retention is a first priority.  It doesn't pay to recruit them if they just leave.

Retention is increasing, but we need data on why they leave.

I just returned from a 2-day conference and will be disseminating information.

When implementing budget cuts, we need to maintain direct services to students. 

The Chancellor replied that he's going through his first UW-Green Bay budget process. 

He stated that the past budget process assumed that if we received new dollars, we would do new things.  We’ve now started a process whereby every unit brings information on what they'd do with more money and what they'd do with less money.  That, then, gets linked up to University priorities.

With regard to base-line services, we've not had an S&E increase over the years.  It's a catch 22.  If looking at reallocation to restore base-line services, it becomes more critical to define what we do.

The Chancellor replied that he's trying to find where the dollars are, both with UWS and on campus.  Are we under or over funded?  We are under funded with regard to teaching, but don’t know if that's at the direction of UW System - need to know the reason.

What's happing with the Sports Complex?  It's an admission issue to bring in and retain students.  Budgetarily, is it still in the making?

The Chancellor stated that the quality of our facilities brings in many different students, not just athletes.  It's a $30 million project - $15 million from students, $7 and a half million from philanthropy, and $7 and a half million from the State.  We will be buying our way onto the capital project list.  Working with PMI, etc. to meet community needs.  We'll plan this biennium, hoping to receive self-authorization the next biennium for the $7 and a half million from the State, followed by breaking ground. 

Yes, the students are already contributing, so it's not a dead issue.

What's happening with the Union?

The Chancellor stated that we're now looking at square footage needs.  We'll hire an architect who will talk to those using the facility about their needs.  We just received student approval; we have their dollars in the bank.  My concern is that we're meeting immediate needs, not future needs.

I've heard you talk a couple of times about your vision of growing the University to 7500.  When - next fall - 3 years from now - 5 years? 

The Chancellor replied that he's phrasing that as a question - not that we will grow to 7500.  Gave the economy of scale story - the suitcase story.  Growing is a 10-15 year process.  Now, we're penalized if we exceed our enrollment target.  Students feel that growing to 7500 still provides them with quality, safety, etc.

We’re painting ourselves in a corner because retention is growing so we, then, cut admissions.   

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