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January 15, 2002

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Not enough funding to maintain infrastructure ≠ weíre getting to a critical point with regard to maintenance.  

But weíve come so far in 30 years ≠ there are many pluses ≠ still building on-campus housing ≠ but staff has shrunk.

Itís hard to believe that the State is willing to let maintenance go.

In 1973, we had 8 full-time grounds personnel ≠ now, 5.

The Chancellor stated that he hears Regents talk about deferred maintenance; itís a problem selling it to the legislators.

With MAC Hall, there were no resources to maintain the building ≠ only 1 position was added.  With raising money to expand the Union and Sports Center, what about adequate maintenance dollars?  Isnít it hard to get funding for other things when $135,000 a year raise has been given to top 3 administrators?  I donít begrudge them a raise, but poor timing.

The Chancellor replied that with the raise her salary is still below national average even though she leads a system that is among the top in the nation; must maintain capacity to recruit and retain leadership appropriate for a system of Wisconsinís quality.  

What are your views on maintenance ≠ necessity or something we can do without?  The campus has grown, but staffing reduced.

The Chancellor stated how he sees people pitching in in Green Bay to make something work.  A good looking campus is critical ≠ helps keep employees and attracts students.

Years ago, there was a lot of waste on campus.  Example:  expensive electrical wiring for an art show.  Wiring not used after that show.

Find offices that use several cheap electrical cords to get from an outlet to a coffee pot (fire hazard) rather than having an outlet installed ≠ departments donít want to spend money on having an outlet installed. 

Swimming pool time clocks ≠ electrical cords are duct taped to the wall.  Weíre Division I ≠ doesnít look good.

As maintenance crews get smaller, weíve noticed outside vendors on campus who have a contract to do a specific job.  That costs money.

We spend money to buy nice vehicles, but when winter comes and we need to get them inside, thereís no adequate space for storage.

Whatís the Sports Center expansion time frame?

Chancellor and Vice Chancellor Maki replied that Union remodel will occur first (the next biennium).  The American Intercultural Center, Bookstore, Credit Union, and International Center will be relocated to the Union.  The Bookstore is paying its own way into the Union at over $1 million. 

The Sports Center expansion is a $30 million project with financing from students, the State, and private donors.  Div. I programming has increased from 8 program offerings to 15.  2003-05 begin construction; completed 2005-07. 

Any plans to add residence halls?

Chancellor replied that a hall will be added in 2002, one in 2003, and one in 2004.

Any plans to expand the LS parking lot when LS is remodeled?

Vice Chancellor Maki replied not at this time.

The Chancellor asked how large should the campus be ≠ 7,500 story/savings in overhead, more course offerings if larger, expand Friday course offerings, etc.

Response was that we canít stagnate ≠ we need to grow ≠ weíve grown over the past 30 years and would like to see growth continue the next 30. 

The students are our customers ≠ we need to serve our customers.

What does the Mayor think about our growing?

The Chancellor said heís had positive discussions with the Mayor.  The Mayor would like to see us more engaged in the community.  The Mayor told the Chancellor that he would be briefed by the Cityís planning department about expansion surrounding campus (i.e. interchange, businesses, etc.).

We need a stop light at Circle Drive/Main Entrance and Nicolet ≠ itís a danger ≠ itís a danger when plowing.


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