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February 4, 2002

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It’s difficult to function if the University doesn’t offer support.  We don’t have enough Program Assistants as it is.  Next year, we’ll be sharing one PA with NAS.  There’s a rule that we can’t exceed FTE counts.  Next year, both HD and NAS will be short staffed.  I suspect that’s not a problem in the private sector.  Currently, we have one full-time PA and one PA that’s 88% time.  The 88% position will become full time August 1, but will be split 50/50 between HD and NAS ­ 50% of her job with HD will not be covered and will then need to be picked up by the full-time PA.  We have dollars in our budget for student help, but not for PAs.  Due to the way offices are configured in MAC Hall, there’s more traffic ­ the PAs spend more time giving directions/answering questions.  I realize it’s a climate issue.  The problem has occurred due to shifting/splitting of areas ­ classified FTEs haven’t expanded to meet the need. 

The Chancellor replied that we’re finding everywhere we look that areas are short  staffed.  The academic Deans are looking at budgets now ­ budget hearings are mid-February.  I realize that we’re hiring motivated people who have lots of ideas and that resources are lacking to implement new ideas.  We need to get people involved in the decision making process; they need to feel ownership.

I’ve been here for 30 years and it always seems there is a competitive attitude ­ one area needs to lose so another area can gain.

Registration is at the point of being filled.  This is nothing new.  Just the other day I met with a group of students and their parents ­ I showed them one of the classrooms in MAC Hall.  The students were very impressed and asked for forms/brochures.  They’re joining us at an opportune moment.  The best thing we can do to secure academic strength is to keep the student to teacher rate as low as possible. 

The Chancellor replied that we are pressured by enrollments.  Freshmen admission will shut down mid-February.  We’re training students to apply early.  Long-term, we need to expand access ­ the 7500 story.  WI needs to address the way it funds higher education.  There are advantages if we grow ­ diversified faculty, diversified student body, diversified curriculum. 

To get more dollars, we need to do more.  I feel we’re already doing more.  Why can’t we say we need more money to do what we’re doing?  How can we get more money?

The Chancellor gave the $5200 vs $9200 story - $4,000 profit per additional student.  That’s one way we can get additional funding.  When the current budget crunch passes, I’ll make the argument in Madison that we be allowed to grow ­ citing interdisciplinarity teaching, community engagement, etc.

We do face the dilemma of students not having access to our (HD) program because enrollment closes so early ­ our classes fill early.  We do take some additional students because we have difficulty saying no.

The Chancellor commented that he does enjoy popping into the classroom to chat briefly with students. 

The impact of our institution in the state is impressive (i.e. first generation students) ­ we have the data.

The Chancellor agrees - we need to back up the data with examples when meeting with the legislature.

Can you talk about the units and how they fit with the mission of UW-Green Bay?

The Chancellor hears about Gen Ed concerns from other units. 

He hears about resource issues.

He hears about large classes.

Not enough attention is paid to faculty development.  (1) Program Assistants.  They do so much for us.  Again, talked about the split that will occur August 1.  (2) We already do so much, but that only last so long.  (3) The Resource Council and Faculty Development Council structure is outdated.  These 2 groups need to get together to make better use of resources.  There needs to be an umbrella structure for the intangibles (i.e. morale).  A committee is looking into this and a report will be forthcoming in about 2 weeks.  Dollars are used for teaching development, not faculty development. 

The Chancellor replied that he’s aware that the faculty do stretch themselves.  He went on to say that he’s seen resources scattered on campus.  He’s looking into that.  With regard to distribution of the Chancellor’s portion of salaries, he’s looking at dollars for faculty development.  He mentioned the Oregon model ­ he’s checked with System about using that model in Wisconsin, but was told it can’t be done here.

One of our Strengths:  An outstanding group of new faculty members.  Retaining them is an issue.  It would help if we could build morale (i.e. free parking, discounts in the bookstore).  We need some perks to keep them here.  Search & Screens take time an energy.  We’d save that time and energy if people didn’t leave.  Salary compression is a hindrance.

We’re the only institution in the UW System without a teaching and learning center.  I disagree some about what has been said with regard to the Personnel Council. 

The Chancellor said that he needs to check on duplication of efforts in those two bodies. 

He went on to say that teaching and learning center does need to be put together and that the upcoming fundraising campaign includes a teaching & learning center. 

Faculty need more time for reflection and interaction with colleagues ­ that strengthens our culture ­ we need to nurture/be nurtured. 

I believe funding for academics is proportionately low ­ correct?

The Chancellor replied “yes” - $1.4 million short in instruction; $1.2 million short in management.  University leadership helps articulate the vision, goals, and mission ­ leadership does not manage or dictate. 

Why don’t we have a child care center?

Students have said that they want to take the responsibility to solve this issue, so we’re giving them this year.  If no remedy by that time, we’ll step in.  We need to figure out a creative way to get a child care center on campus.  We need a business plan.  Child care centers are heavily regulated, our approach could be to sub-contract for those services.

I disagree about sub-contracting.  In my career at other institutions, I’ve found centers were better when they were not sub-contracted.  Having such a center on campus provides students with hands on experiences.

We did have that type of program here, but it ran a $100,000 deficit ­ we didn’t get takers.

We need a center that we operate and it should be a beacon to the community­ ­ a beacon to show how child care centers should be run ­ a great educational experience for our students.

Provost Pollis stated that the Regents won’t approve funding in the next biennium. 

If buildings need to come from private dollars, perhaps we can make the case for grants. 

Provost Pollis went on to say that Encompass is very good ­ they’re the standard ­ perhaps we could co-op.

The Chancellor asked about the environment on campus with regard to female faculty.

The reply was that it dovetails with the child care issue.  Some female faculty stayed in the past because we had a center. 

It’s been a struggle ­ there’s been a problem retaining female faculty.  I’m concerned about the kind of culture we’re modeling for our students.  A majority of our students are female.  They graduate and get a job in a child care center at minimum wage.  What message does that send?

Appears to be conflict of interest with the Ombudsperson.

The Chancellor talked about the overhead resource issue.  The decision was made to reassign responsibilities.  That approach will be reevaluated at the end of its first year of

The Chancellor inquired about diversity issues ­ Green Bay’s future, the university’s future. 

A study was done about two years ago.  One result showed that there aren’t enough caring adults in students lives. 

Organized faculty governance would help us in functioning better. 

Human Dev. diversification rate is now 8% which is double what it had been (4%).  Compared to the University as a whole, we’ve been successful.

With regard to Human Dev as a whole, we’re happy to be here.  By and large, it’s a good experience ­ we work well together as a department.

I’d like to mention that the community reaction to you and Cyndie is very positive.  You’re so engaged in the community. 

The Chancellor stated that he believes the future of the university is tied to engagement in the community, and that he appreciated hearing how positively he and Cyndie are being received. 

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