Getting to Know UW-Green Bay Conversations with Chancellor Shepard:
February 26, 2002

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Staffing ≠ struggling with Fairnis (Functional Analysis and Institutional Review of Non-Instructional Support).

How do we increase funding?

Upgrades needed, especially electronic reserves.

Cataloging and access services needed.

Would like to extend the hours of the library, but no funding available.

Electronic databases by UW System ($1.3 million being spent) and we buy others, but faculty doesnít utilize our services.

Pursue meeting with faculty advisory committees and meet with chairs and deans at their meetings.

If we could integrate library skills into gateway courses ≠ faculty advisory committee needed.

We do have partnerships with community groups to use our library.

We have written grants earning us $1 million.

Distance educationís role at our campus ≠ our mission to find ways to use distance education.  It has been a barrier on our campus.  Barriers have been in place to block distance education ≠ we need studies to see if it is feasible.

How do we get the campus to coordinate our efforts and to educate the public to market our university (as in camps)?

Physical appearance of library is getting run down.  First impressions are important ($84,000 was the number given to replace furniture).

Concern is communication across campus.  Try to understand it and why it is there.

We are well thought of in the community as a university and also for the Weidner Center.

Students need to get away, go out of town rather than attend their hometown university.

We have few negatives.


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