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Natural and Applied Sciences
November 30, 2001

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Use, availability, and location of computers ­ we need that technology as a science unit.  Currently, funding of computers is from Lab Modernization; we feel the University should other dollars for such an expense.

The Learning Experience and the vote at the all-faculty meeting.  The $500,000 could be spent without nothing to show for it.  There is a critical need ­ more people.  Originally, the Learning Experience was a re-incarnation/re-hash of what was done in the past.

The Chancellor talked about the NSSE study, comparing freshmen to seniors.  Our freshmen rate their experience here as low, but that’s no longer true by the senior year.

How do the Economic Summit/Learning Experience goals mesh?

The Chancellor stated that he recently wrote a column for The Green Bay Press-Gazette on that.  Per capita incomes are declining to below the national average; college education is below the national average.  What the State spends on higher education is a low percentage of the economy.  Recent indications are that 93% of UW-Green Bay graduates stay in Wisconsin.  Therefore, it makes sense to create access.  Talked about the engineer story (engineers are good for 3 years, then what they’ve learned is outdated).  What we really need are people trained to direct those people (engineers) ­ an education at UW-Green Bay prepares the “trainers” ­ we’re teaching our students to be creative in problem solving.

Area businessmen have said that the University doesn’t contribute students to meet their needs.

The Chancellor stated that we need to build bridges.  We’re already engaged in the community, but people don’t understand ­ it’s a marketing issue.  He went on to give two models:  (1) become more exclusive ­ become a liberal arts institution, or (2) become a premiere university meeting the needs of NE Wisconsin ­ grow to 7500 students ­ economy of scale argument.  There’s truth in advertising ­ we need a better way to engage our students in setting up an educational environment. 

We don’t have faculty resources to do either one well.  We’re extremely busy now.  We’ve done well with the resources that we have. 

We need more of an institutional commitment to graduate programs and to faculty research.  Our teaching load doesn’t allow time to include and engage students. 

Going back to the Learning Experience, need to address the quality of life for the faculty.  Giving final exams until Dec. 23 sends the message that faculty should not spend the holiday with their family. 

There is a large proportion of new faculty in this unit ­ there’s the issue of retention ­ there’s the  issue of attracting new faculty ­ new faculty are here because we’ve made some attempts at faculty research.

The Chancellor replied that those are high priorities.

What’s your view of general education?

The Chancellor replied that his favorite phrase is “Liberal Education” in the sense of liberating us from our own experience.  “Breadth” of experience is important on how education relates to the world.

The University and our Unit try to stay innovative.  For a long time, faculty have worked hard to keep the program new. 

The Chancellor stated that our legacy is a commitment to be leading edge in providing high quality education.  We should try to be competently current in what we teach; we should have an active research agenda involving undergraduates and graduates.

With the Lab Science remodel, we’re looking to ways in which science will be taught in the future. 

Overall, our courses are somewhat different; we teach integrated courses.

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