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December 3, 2001

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The UWGB nursing program is a leader in collaboration of internet teaching.  Most of our students are now in collaborative programs. 

The Chancellor stated that the future direction of university will include serving the region.  The  program fits in meeting needs of the region .

Wish we could run the program ourselves.

Not familiar with budgeting process.

Duplication of efforts (i.e. registering students) ­ there are too many fingers in the pie (i.e. gen eds).

We’ve brought in Humanities and Extended Degree in past years to provide programs students need.

The Chancellor talked about a scaling up function ­ once solve problems in one area, move to another.

The university as a whole doesn’t understand the nursing program.  Many don’t realize that we teach here.  Gave as an example the re-entry form.  When a student drops out for one semester and wants to come back, in Admissions, the re-entry form is referred to as the Bellin form. 

The university has closed admissions, but Bellin is on the list as an exemption.  Why?  That’s a university program.

Perhaps we should do an orientation for new Admissions staff.

Progress is being made in integration with regard to faculty governance; problems more so in support areas.  Student Services is better than it had been.

The Chancellor inquired about how our nursing students are being prepared ­ they come here with biology and chemistry.

We’re meeting their gen ed requirement ­ they take Humanities/Gen Ed (arts and culture)

Schedules are problematic due to when courses are scheduled ­ our students prefer 3-hour classes once a week.

In the past, we had more full-time faculty than we have now.  With ad hocs, it’s hard to get involved in governance.

The Chancellor inquired about breadth of our reach.  With regard to gen ed, how about teaching in other areas?

We used to do it.  We would welcome the opportunity ­ we can help and are willing to help.  Years ago, our classes fell into natural sciences; we taught that. 

More interaction between faculty is important.

The Chancellor inquired about tracking graduates.

One-year and three-year surveys have been done ­ because we’re accredited, that’s something we need to do. 

Many graduates teach or go on for further education. 

There are successes all over the place.

Re. General Education.  We lost a student from Russia this morning who had a second degree from another college.  She doesn’t need to take gen ed and can go directly to nursing.  However, that only applies here if their first degree was obtained here. 

Provost Pollis asked about the Learning Experience, the current thinking about LE initiatives and fit.

We want our students to stay in the program.  They might need more (i.e. adult students age 45 and up). 

Consider us part of the economic stimulus.  We would like to see Nursing as part of the economic stimulus.

The Chancellor talked about a special Nursing DIN in the next legislative session ­ UWS is coming up with the DIN ­ he’s asked to see make-up of the committee.

There have been many requests for graduate education ­ there had been an attempt to plan, but it’s now on the back burner.

The Chancellor inquired, “What do you need?”

We need to know our niche and who’d we collaborate with.  There are limitations with internet programs.  Wisconsin has a fairly restrictive policy on transfer credits from other schools at the graduate level. 

The Chancellor said that it seems as though there should be opportunities for waivers.   a big believer in collaboration (i.e. expanding special programs).

50% of our students have asked if they can continue in a masters program on the internet.  Our first graduate is next spring, and she’s already asked.  Since we’re on-line for BSN, we’re getting numerous requests.

The Chancellor mentioned that we will continue to emphasize basic needs.  We need to meet the needs of the region and need to identify those needs with regard to graduate programs.

A needs study was done about two years ago and results of that study show the need.

Confusion with regard to disciplinary/interdisciplinary units.  In the faculty handbook, there’s no special category for professional programs.  It would be nice to see us listed with professional programs.  Sometimes programs are listed in two areas ­ disciplinary and interdisciplinary.  Sometimes in three areas (which includes professional programs) ­ very confusing.  Sometimes professional programs are listed under interdisciplinary programs.  Verbage hasn’t caught up with changes at the university

The Chancellor mentioned that there’s natural tension on every campus he’s been on.  nursing, business, teacher ed are all natural professional programs.  The advantage of being connected to interdisciplinarity is that you’re connected to core values.

Convenience of internet courses is very important to our success.  The numbers appear to have gone down, but in actuality they have not.  We’re worried about the future of on-campus program.  We’d like to see campus programs maintained and supported.  We’re in a two year rotation and are offering courses to small numbers of students during the transition period.

There is a need to meet needs of those who want personal connections

Provost Pollis asked if there has been discussion with Bellin re. joint degrees. 

Yes, a couple of times in the past.  We favor cooperation and collaboration.  Why do we have only a completion program?  Bellin has long had a nursing program.  The first needs survey was done in 1978.  Bellin, as a three-year school, would be a feeder schedule.  UW-Oshkosh has collaborative programs.  Students are trying to complete gen ed so that’s done when they get to technical college.

The Chancellor stated that we no longer control the internet ­ “flexible education” is important even for local students.  Collaborative arrangements with Bellin and NWTC would likely be more successful.  A concept page or two of ideas would be helpful.

Students ask why they can’t do some of both (due to their schedules) ­ the reason is due to budget lines ­ we need to try to work around that.  Example:  CNP courses ­ open up generic programs and work collaboratively with NWTC and Bellin. 

Provost Pollis mentioned that the same issue is coming up in Extended Degree.  Internet courses have space and there’s no reason why local students can’t take up some of that space.  Many do take gen ed courses through Extended Degree. 

Currently, there’s a waiting list at NWTC.

With regard to Associate Degree transfer, we don’t assume they have anything.  Most of our students get degrees from technical college, not a UWS two-year college.

The Chancellor mentioned that it’s important to think about that potential. 

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