Getting to Know UW-Green Bay Conversations with Chancellor Shepard:
Public and Environmental Affairs
December 14, 2001

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We are in the undergraduate and graduate programs.  We are cross listed with the same syllabi.  Thesis committees.

Graduate program ­ more research is needed than in undergraduate program.

We support economics and geography, disciplinary fields ­ we offer many courses and, of course, need more resources.

More administrative argument for disciplinary rather than interdisciplinary.

Surveyors have 4 year program ­ do we?

NWTC has a two-year course (in next 12-18 months, something will happen).

There is a huge demand for GIS (but not here).

Four or five groups are needed for software, software applications, surveying, technical, NWTC students, GIS, professional ­ already degreed.

We are pro-growth.  We need better support for more undergrad and grad programs.

Resource issue needs to be answered to allow us to grow.

Additional resources needed so 23-1 ratio can go down to 17-1.

Our department has a hardship during sabbatical leaves ­ we are stretching our resources very thin.

Gender equity issues do not seem to be a problem in our area.

Strike out the word ad hoc.

Retention is an important issue ­ we need to support new faculty.  Everyone is so busy; no time to talk about teaching, so a network is needed.  There is no institutional process in place to help this.

Graduate programs concentrate on scholarship only ­ need teaching experience also.

No gender problem in this department.

Need teaching help and support for new faculty.

Faculty development program is needed ­ besides teaching; remind them of how important scholarship is.

The public doesn’t understand about our free outreach programs.

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