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Public Safety
January 14, 2002

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Support from University for Public Safety is so much better here than at other campuses where Iíve worked.  I would like to see that working relationship continue ≠ interaction is very good with students, faculty, administrators.  Thereís an openness, a willingness to talk, smaller campus so get to know people.  I enjoy being here because of the environment.

Crime prevention programs are offered throughout the year.  Because weíre a safe campus, itís hard to get people to take crime prevention seriously. 

I havenít found anything here that prevents me from doing my job ≠ thereís communication and good working relationships.

Environmental Program/Safety Program ≠ a limitation is staffing.  One person is the Safety/Risk person who wears various hats.  Thereís not enough personnel time to do it all.  Itís not unique on our campus ≠ itís a system wide issue.  We try to be creative to meet all public safety needs.

The Chancellor asked if, in the wake of Sept. 11, if there is an evacuation plan. 

The response was that we conduct fire drills.  The Chancellor went on to ask about the whole campus being shut down ≠ everyone out.  The response was that resources would be better spent in other areas as that type of preparation seemed to be an over reaction for our campus. 

The Chancellor asked whatís most fun about your job? 

Response:  interacting with people.

The Chancellor asked the female officers if there are any issues because theyíre women. 

Response:  No.

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