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Social Work
November 14, 2001

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Jointly developing a BSW with UW-Oshkosh which raises many logistical questions. There are two other accredited joint programs in the country, so we're on the forefront. 

Two concerns:

Resources.  Accrediting body needs us to have a certain number of tenure track (that number is half).  Planning is in process - need the Chancellor's guidance.

Entitlement received, but UW-Green Bay hasn't gone through governance (UW-Oshkosh has) - there's some level of tension and concerns re. resources

Need more faculty and students of color - we're hiring more, but we're not retaining them.

Some faculty/staff of color don't feel comfortable going to their supervisors with concerns.

UW-Green Bay has a white MD - nothing against that person - but that doesn't represent what we say we're about.

Membership on the Chancellor's Advisory Council on Diversity should advocate for faculty, staff, and students of color.

Half of SW students come from feeder schools (Manitowoc, Marinette, etc.) - SW will never get the bulk of our students from one area - we need collaborative relationships from feeder schools - we're likely not the only program that operates this way - concerned with the learning experience that the need we're meeting will be lost.

Some of our most advanced students are returning adults - they're place bound - campus life isn't important to them.

There's tension on campus between professional programs and academic programs:

(1) resources - academic programs think we're expensive

(2) no recognition of what we need to do re. accreditation

(3) misunderstanding of our work in the community

We're behind in how we use technology in education.

What we do well::

Every graduate from SW program has a personal rubber stamp of approval.

We believe we do nothing alone.

Working on a grant re. gerentology education and practice to serve the community - believe we have a good chance to receive funding.

Seniors in SW participate in community programs - generally a needs assessment type program.

SW does a good job of advising - we work with kids in high schools, we ask students to come in and talk BUT the campus as a whole needs to do a better job of advising.


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