Getting to Know UW-Green Bay Conversations with Chancellor Shepard:
Student Government Association Chairs and Vice Chairs
November 5, 2001

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Student retention and graduation rates should be high priority.
Childcare issues and your thoughts on a campus facility.
Campus life for the 21st Century needs to be scaled down.
We need to make our campus a 7-day a week campus with a good mix of academic and social life.
Need to create a campus community. The campus community and campus spirit need improvement.
Student apathy needs to be addressed.
Our reputation of being a suitcase campus needs to be addressed.  Perhaps by stronger and more community ties.
Students donít stay on campus on weekends because they are treated like children.  Lots of handholding.  Strict on drinking habits.
The Campus Life for the 21st Century plan ≠ students feel they have been cheated.
A 7,000-seat arena is too much for our campus.  3,000 ≠ 5,000 seats would be better.
Student to faculty ratio should be smaller.
High quality faculty who are committed to the university should be retained.
Faculty needed who are committed to the students.
We ask the community for money and we donít give back to them.  We donít solve their problems, as we should.
Student Government Association and administration have a good relationship and we want to continue that.
Diversity issue and students of color.  How would you address these issues?
Would like to see the administration and students interact more.  Maybe have an open office hour with the students and the Chancellor.
Many events and night classes are scheduled at the same time.  Would like to see more faculty at student events.
UW-Green Bay should be a larger campus (from 5,000 up to 7,500).
We should be a larger campus, but not so large that the environmental areas would suffer.
The skyís the limit!
The campus would benefit if it were larger, but we should keep our ďsmall schoolĒ image and feel.
I donít feel like a number now, so letís not get too big.
No larger than Stevens Point at 8,000 ≠ small is good.  Suitcase campus is not a good reputation for us.


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