Getting to Know UW-Green Bay Conversations with Chancellor Shepard:
Assistant Dean of Student Development,
Counseling and Health Services, Career Services,
Academic Success Center, Student Support, Upward Bound, Disabilities Support, Regional Center for Math and Science
February 28, 2002

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Disability Services gets only 50% GPR ≠ Will we continue?

How is the Learning Experience being handled ≠ the programmatic area or facilities 5 years down the road.

Retention, co-curricular, citizenship, accountability ≠ all part of Learning Experience.

Career Services funding has dried up.

Issue of parental notification ≠ we are debating this.  Should we notify parents about alcohol abuse?  Certainly for suicidal issues we should.

Any thoughts about alcohol abuse?  We are not a party school ≠ we would like to keep that reputation.

Students still drink ≠ but not on campus.

Look at cultural tolerance.

Partners in Prevention ≠ to be presented to the Chancellor in May.

Alcohol abuse is an institutional issue ≠ our campus has done a good job in this area.

In grant writing stronger administrative support is needed due to people who have to direct programs while writing grants.

Understanding that resources are tight, we should utilize the resources we have.

Our advising has been sitting on the bubble ≠ no one wants to take full rein.  How do you feel about advising?  Improved advising is needed.  Our priority is to correct the problem.

We find that advising takes a long time.  One-on-one student sessions are needed.  Many things are done for needy students, but there is never enough time.

Advising was very good with the SOAP program ≠ there were enough advisors.

One-on-one needed; collaborate with faculty advisors.

What are the solutions?

If students are not part of grant, they are sort of lost.

Advising needs improvement.

Intro to college was a great program.  Students were in small groups and felt a part of something.

Upward Bound spends a lot of time in e-mail.

When re-organization is done, letís communicate about it campuswide.

We never have enough communication on this campus.

More communication needed.

Professional development needed.

An academic staff committee does orientation.

Donít want to lose touch with university ≠ would like to be used as a temporary resource in various areas.

When relying on UW System to get classified positions filled it takes so much time ≠ up to a year in some cases, which creates a hardship.  We are limited.

Concerns about African American students that their needs are not filled.

How can we fulfill our African American students?  We need someone in American Intercultural Center who is black.

We need to retain colored students.  It is the right thing to do, need diversity for students, and students of color are pioneers.

Need advising folks of diverse background.

Let students have an opportunity to talk to diverse advisors.

Our priority is retention and aspirations of young people.

Learning Experience is choice and preference rather than access.

People in community are very engaged.  More community involvement needed (a marketing issue).

Evaluation process is more formalized.  Are people being graded rather than helped?

Concerns about use of residence life in summer for safe environment of children.

What are we gaining?

Dynamics, benefits, and brainstorming are needed before decisions are made to create a diverse environment.

What kind of liability is there if we rent out rooms in residence life in summer?

Communication is necessary.

Food issue ≠ lunch areas are closed when students arenít here ≠ need to keep open for employees.


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