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February 5, 2002

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What are your thoughts on technology in the classroom?  Delivery media?

The Chancellor stated that he does understand the distance ed environment.  Two-way video isn't necessarily the best medium and it's expensive - people have different learning styles.  He suggested breaking up a course into elements to see what technology is most important.  We need to change some cultures and thinking.

We talk about working more with the community.  There's a cost and that's probably the reason we don't do some things that we should. 

The Chancellor agreed - there are significant start-up costs.  He's finding organizational and procedural barriers on campus.  There is money to be made.  I have an open mind; need to think it through.

There are web issues across campus.  What is your vision of what it will be?

The Chancellor replied that we need to listen to the vision of those who will make it happen.  It needs to be everyone's vision or it won't work.  We need to think through how we portray ourselves on the web.  We need to attend to our marketing - people out there don't know us.  What are your thoughts?

The letter you recently sent out indicates that we're doing a lot that others don't know about us.  What's your thinking?  Particular efforts?

The Chancellor responded that there are hundreds of things we're doing.  In his mind, we need to systematically be aware to talk about it to various people.  (i.e. film series publicity has not UW-Green Bay identification on it).  People know about the Weidner Center and athletics.  We need to create ownership.

I agree.  People in the community don't have a clear understanding of what we are about and I agree it's a marketing effort.  We need to raise awareness campus wide about identifying what goes out. 

The Chancellor stated that communities support universities that support communities.

Budget problems are scary.  You mention distance ed as making money at OR, but I've always thought of it as a liability.  There are upfront costs, personnel, need to provide a gamut of services. etc.  How can we begin to trim everyone and continue to do all things?

The Chancellor said that no one will give us more money to do what we're already doing.  We have high overhead costs - went into the 7500 student analysis - the last biennium economic stimulus package - 5200 vs 9200 funding per FTE.

I hear resource challenges everywhere I go.  It does appear we need to grow.  There are student life issues, particularly on weekends.  Growing enriches the curriculum.

What are your thoughts?

Tuition.  I've concerned about the cost to students - seg fees are already high.

The Chancellor replied that yes, they are high, but there are certain things we need to offer as a University. 

When meeting around campus, are you hearing about collaborative programs to help address resource issues? 

The Chancellor stated that there must be some, but he's not really hearing anything.

If we grow, we need to change the way Wisconsin finances higher education.  Nationally, we're known as an excellent system.  We need a different budget process to make changes in what we're doing. 

Going back to 1998, we were behind in technology.  Many times, those expenses were treated as one-time costs, but they're not; it's a looming problem down the road. 

The Chancellor replied that he understands and realizes those needs are real.  Technology is becoming key to be able to do our jobs.  We need to prepare students for a world we can't predict.

We need to provide the support for new equipment.  We've made so much progress and have moved forward.  It would be disheartening to slip backwards.

I have a 16-year old who's grown up with technology.  They have expectations. 

The Chancellor stated that it's difficult to get money to maintain equipment and facilities.  Students expect help 24/7.  We need to re-think services.

Our General Access Lab is a statewide initiation.  We're received funds for some of the initiatives. 

The Chancellor stated that UW-Stout is requiring all students to have a lap top.

The response was that we've talked about it here, but the faculty would need to require it and use it.  A study was done.  The use of General Access Labs didn't diminish when all students had a lap top.  We'd still need to provide support - the students want human contact.

I came here from NWTC, so I've been there and done that.  Support staff here had a well-written Legacy System.  PeopleSoft will go, but it won't be as pretty as it was.  We need to instill confidence - we will get students into the classroom.  What I'm sensing is a fear of the unknown.


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