Getting to Know UW-Green Bay Conversations with Chancellor Shepard:
Urban and Regional Studies
December 17, 2001

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Who We Are ≠

Faculty of wider background including economics and geography.

More diverse pool of students.

 Many majors work in the Green Bay area.

Students are mostly male.

Graduate programs are not resourced well enough.

General Ed is heavily invested in.

Issues ≠

One tricky issue is retention.

Frustration in higher-level courses.

 Learning Experience was a great idea that has fallen off ≠ letís get it back.

We want to get back to being a unique university.

Funding for admission staff has been cut.

Challenges for professors/Meeting students on a one-to-one basis.

We need a strategy for the Learning Experience.

Lots of frustration ≠ our gen. ed. program is not meeting the needs of the students.

There should be a better distribution of courses in general education and upper level ≠ seems to be a conflict.

Team teaching.

We put together interdisciplinary programs and students of various interests and we had a very good program.

LAS freshman were very frustrated.

Perception was a lack of coherence, structure (from freshmen).

Caps in classes were used (20-25 per class ≠ they were great).

Would like to go back and get the great feelings we used to have teaching.

Letís get students from major metropolitan areas to come here to address the diversity issue.

Georgia is the only woman on our faculty ≠ we need recruitment and retention of women.

Weíve gotten ourselves in a cycle and other programs have more majors so they get more resources and as a result more students.

We donít have a sociology major.

Where is our curriculum really?


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