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UW-Green Bay campus security
and emergency preparedness activities
December 2007

UWGB campus activity since the Virginia Tech tragedy includes:

• Post Virginia Tech debriefings with the UWGB Emergency Management Team, SGA leaders, and administration.
• Post Virginia Tech reevaluation of campus active shooter protocol.
• Distributed campus wide email to all students and staff to remind them of current protocols and notification process for active shooter or other types of violent behavior.
• Reviewed written campus FERPA policy and expansion of on-campus FERPA training.
• Held campus candle light vigil in the Ecumenical Center
• Ran emergency call center simulation with Student Affairs staff, University Communications staff, Emergency Management Team and Volunteer Emergency Support Team (VEST).
• Hosted active shooter table top and training exercise with Green Bay Police and Brown County Sheriff’s Office.
• Participated in teleconference Webinar with Gary Pavela, attended by counseling, health, residence life, judicial, legal, academic affairs and dean of students offices.
• Presented a session on campus safety at each new freshmen Parent Orientation
• Public Safety met with Student Senate to respond to questions.
• Currently installing new campus wide electronic door access and locking system.
• Developing campus safety training videos/commercials for campus wide distribution.
• Writing small project request to get public address system automated enhancements.
• Distributed Chancellor letter to campus community this fall concerning Incident Response Team and contact information with clarification on FERPA.
• All campus email from Counseling Services offering services and talking about differential impacts of tragedies.
• Implemented campus wide “We Care” campaign.
• Developed Depression Screening Day Awareness Campaign in conjunction with Lt. Governor’s Office. The campaign included two letters, one to all students, faculty and staff from the Chancellor and one from Counseling Services. In addition, a letter with a script for faculty to share with students in class was distributed. Activities included walk-in counseling hours and an online screening tool. A press conference with the Lt. Governor was also held. (December update)
• Added back-up Emergency Call Center location. (December update)
• Currently conducting a review of our multi-disciplinary Review Team based on Violence Threat and Assessment Training that the Team attended. (December update)
• Campus Review Team met with Community Crisis Center to review protocols and communication. (December update)
• Strengthened mental health services by renewing contract with consulting psychologist and effective January 1, 2008 will have part-time contracted psychiatrist on site. (December update)
• Conducted review of campus communication plan . (December update)
• Conducted training exercise for University Police and security. (December update)
• Expanded student emergency contact information to include cell phone and emergency contact fields in the Student Information System (SIS). Implemented online update capability for students. (December update)
• With approval of the 2009-2013 biennial growth agenda budgets the plan is to fund additional University police. (December update)

UWGB campus activity already in place:

• UWGB has a compassionate refund policy in place.
• We have a campus violence and threat assessment policy as well as guidelines for faculty and staff, students and supervisors and a University reporting form. (one page tip sheet as recommended)
• We provide violence and threats training for faculty and staff.
• We encourage reporting of restraining orders,
• We currently have a non-punitive process in place with use of behavioral contracts.
• We currently have a parental notification policy.
• Student, faculty and staff awareness campaigns regarding emergencies, violence and crime prevention.
• A campus awareness campaign will be fully developed and operational this fall.
• Campus safety information is currently distributed broadly.
• Emergency Action Guide is posted near exit of every classroom, office suite, every building, elevator, inside front page of the campus phone directory, in the student planner, every public phone and on the campus web site.
• We have a one-page guideline on what to do if confronted by a shooter.
• Safety information routinely available at Orientation (both presentation and Resource Fair) for students and parents.
• Students have been involved in a campus Safety Task Force and student government specifically appoints a Health and Safety Secretary on their executive board. This person serves on all campus committees related to health and safety.
• Faculty Informational Seminars conducted by Judicial Affairs, Counseling, and University Police.
Pre-violence intervention
• UWGB currently has a multi-disciplinary review team. We have a discipline team that meets once per month and a case review team (discipline and non-discipline/behavioral) team that meets biweekly. An intervention team and crisis team meets as needed in various situations.
• We have reporting and follow-up for all hate/bias motivated incidents or crimes.
Intervention during violence
• UWGB has an Emergency Plan, an Emergency Call Center, and back-up plans.
• Typically conduct two or more emergency exercises a year.
• UWGB actively works with the local emergency and support services including the American Red Cross.
• UWGB has an active –Volunteer Emergency Support Team (VEST).
• UWGB has an active Emergency Management Team that identifies and works through objectives in violent or other emergencies.
• A campus emergency communication plan is in place.
• Prescript emergency messages which can be broadcast over the campus wide public address system and/or the campus computer network messaging system (revised our prescript message regarding an active shooter based on information learned from VA Tech and Violence and Threat Assessment Training)
• UWGB has a multiple layer emergency communication system including a campus wide public address system which can be targeted at specific buildings, computer pop-up messages via the campus network, use of campus wide email and a designated location on the web home page for emergency information.
• Post-incident assessment is regularly conducted at UWGB.
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Campus collaborations include:
• University Police and Public Safety receive 911 and police related call dispatching through the Brown County Public Safety Commission.
• University Police and Public Safety Radio Frequency is included as part of the Brown County Safety communication Center’s Communication System.
• University Police are active in Green Bay Sexual Assault Center, Golden House Domestic Violence Center, Brown County Sexual Assault Response Team, Brown County Stalking Committee, Brown County Drug Task Force Board, Brown County Communications Board, Brown County Hazard Mitigation, and Brown County Anti-terrorism Committee.
• University Police participate in, or serve as an assessor or evaluator for almost all Brown County Emergency Exercises which includes planning, table top, functional, and full scale exercises.
Coordinators of the campus review:
Dr. Sue Keihn, Associate Provost for Student Affairs, and Randy Christopherson, Director of Public Safety


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