Strategic Plan 2012

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Balanced Scorecards

The links in the tables below bring you to the corresponding Scorecard, which displays current status toward achievement of the goals and objectives. Refer to The Strategic Planning Process for more information about Balanced Scorecards. The next update of the Scorecard will occur in Summer 2014.


Increase ability to acquire, develop, use and manage resources.

Goal Statements Responsible Unit Objectives to Achieve Goal
Develop strong external advisory Boards to support the University's mission. Advancement 4
Increase Universitywide annual support. Advancement 8
Continue best practices for UW-Green Bay Foundation. Advancement 3
Develop and launch campaign to gain additional financial support for the University's mission. Advancement 7
Develop a campus master plan that supports the University mission and provides for future campus infrastructure needs. Business and Finance 2
Identify and pursue financing/funding opportunities for sustainability and/or ‘green’ projects. Sustainability 3
Work aggressively to create an annual fund and attain corporate and foundation support both for core operations and programming. Weidner Center 5

Budget effectively, create greater efficiencies and commit available resources appropriately.

Goal Statements Responsible Unit Objectives to Achieve Goal
All financial resources will be allocated to provide a balanced budget that meets the requirements of sustaining a reputable, vibrant, and compliant NCAA Division I program that supports scholarships, quality academic support services, competitive operating budgets and comprehensive facilities. Athletics 9
Ensure that program revenue operations maintain fiscal viability and a high level of customer satisfaction. Business and Finance 4
Strengthen ability to react and strategically adapt to rapidly evolving short-term and long-term operating budget changes with increased transparency. Business and Finance 3
Continually strive to provide more efficient and effective business processes. Business and Finance 2
Encourage UW-Green Bay Foundation, Inc., Board of Directors to consider sustainability/corporate social responsibility issues in its investment decisions. Sustainability 1

Internal Processes

Strive to create a clear and positive identity as a premier university.

Goal Statements Responsible Unit Objectives to Achieve Goal
Advance UW-Green Bay’s distinct brand and position in the marketplace. Advancement 4
Sharpen the focus on news/features raising UW-Green Bay’s academic profile and supporting enrollment/recruitment strategies. Advancement 8
Focus additional PR, news and creative content on facilitating University fundraising and support for 360 Challenge Campaign. Advancement 2
Provide increased national, regional and local exposure for the University and create a Green Bay Athletics brand that people respect, admire and generously support. All decisions will be communicated in a manner to create, project and enhance this strong intercollegiate athletic brand. Athletics 3
Recognizing that competitive excellence can be defined differently, each athletic program at UW-Green Bay will be expected to deliver competitive excellence based on their national, regional, and local interests. Goals will be set by the Director of Athletics and the sport program supervisors. Athletics 2
Instill a culture that respects and understands the importance of NCAA compliance throughout the department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Educate and communicate the importance of this priority throughout the UW-Green Bay campus community and with all constituents of Green Bay Athletics. Athletics 4
Rebrand the Weidner as “the place” where great arts events take place. Develop a robust online and media presence designed to engage the community, spread excitement and sell tickets. Weidner Center 8

Strive to provide competitive compensation and benefits.

Goal Statements Responsible Unit Objectives to Achieve Goal
Invest in the University’s workforce. Academic Affairs 4
Ensure that employees are fairly compensated. Business and Finance 4

Support promotion of sustainability efforts in all aspects of the University.

Goal Statements Responsible Unit Objectives to Achieve Goal
Reduce campus carbon footprint. Business and Finance 4
Enhance sustainability communication efforts to promote and build value within all stakeholder groups. Sustainability 6
Support faculty efforts to embed sustainability concepts and teaching across the curriculum. Sustainability 2

Learning and Growth

Invest in people and strive to create a work environment that supports personal and professional growth.

Goal Statements Responsible Unit Objectives to Achieve Goal
Foster a culture that values assessment and continuous improvement. Academic Affairs 3
Foster a culture that places a high value on innovation and creativity. Academic Affairs 2
Offer a high-quality curriculum and co-curricular experiences that prepare students for life-long learning and success. Academic Affairs 7
Increase student and staff experiences that involve internationalization and diversity and foster inclusive excellence. Academic Affairs 3
Develop and maintain an atmosphere within our programs that promotes a positive culture of student-athlete success academically, athletically and socially. Athletics 7
Provide a culture and environment that is conducive to recruiting and retaining professional staff and coaches and supports the department’s diversity and equity initiatives. Athletics 2
Support campus diversity and institutional environment initiatives. Business and Finance 2

Develop high quality, relevant undergraduate and graduate programs to meet increasing student and societal needs.

Goal Statements Responsible Unit Objectives to Achieve Goal
Manage enrollment strategies and maximize student success. Academic Affairs 9
Serve the academic missions of UW-Green Bay and work with Admissions and Marketing to maximize recruitment opportunities. Weidner Center 3

Stakeholders (Students, Faculty/Staff, Alumni, Community)

Seek to engage the community.

Goal Statements Responsible Unit Objectives to Achieve Goal
Enhance stewardship and community connections. Academic Affairs 3
Improve alumni relations, expand alumni involvement in University events, strengthen the Alumni Association board and leadership, and increase alumni support of UW-Green Bay. Advancement 7
Strengthen connections with the community and enhance stewardship of donors. Advancement 4
Develop event plan to celebrate the UW-Green Bay 50th anniversary. Advancement 3
Deepen our appreciation for the relationships we have with our on- and off-campus communities and continue to look for ways to expand communication with all constituents. Athletics 4
Provide a well-rounded Fitness/Wellness Program for students, the campus community and community members. Athletics/Kress Events Center 4
Leverage past and ongoing successes in environmental and sustainability efforts to build value and competitive edge with external stakeholders. Sustainability 4
Become a comprehensive center for performing arts in the greater Green Bay area, partnering with area cultural groups and presenters to increase access to the Weidner and develop collaborative work. Weidner Center 3
Establish an annual presenting program designed to entertain, inspire and educate the diverse demographic groups of Northeast Wisconsin. Weidner Center 4

Provide students with excellent learning opportunities and necessary learning resources, rigorous interdisciplinary academic programs, and a safe and active campus environment.

Goal Statements Responsible Unit Objectives to Achieve Goal
Maintain and embrace a technology infrastructure to support the changing needs of the institution. Academic Affairs 2
Coordinate with campus units (i.e., Athletics, Student Life, Union, Counseling and Health Services, Residence Life) to improve campus life while continuing to build and maintain external community relations. Athletics/Kress Events Center 7
Provide a comprehensive and well-rounded campus intramural and recreation program. Athletics/Kress Events Center 12
Ensure a safe and secure campus environment. Business and Finance 2
Provide appropriate facilities necessary to support the strategic enrollment plan and changes in instructional course delivery methods. Business and Finance 2