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2011 Strategic Planning Themes

The process of identifying the Strategic Planning Themes for UW-Green Bay was broadly inclusive and involved faculty, staff, students and members of the community in 17 facilitated input sessions. The results were discussed with a wide variety of groups and reviewed by the Leadership Council, Faculty Senate, the Academic Staff Committee, and Cabinet. Seven themes have been identified.

The Strategic Planning Themes are designed to provide guidance and context as we move forward. They are not intended to reflect where UW-Green Bay is at this moment, but will be used in developing the University’s Strategic Plan during 2011. The themes are listed in alphabetical order.

Strategic planning will be an inclusive process in Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business and Finance, Advancement, Athletics and the Chancellor’s Office.

Thomas K. Harden

Academic Programs and Enrollment

The University continues to develop high quality, relevant undergraduate and graduate programs to meet increasing student and societal needs. This requires adding traditional and innovative programs, improving existing programs, and further developing uses of technology to enhance teaching and learning.

We value interdisciplinarity, problem-focused education, innovation and sustainability across the curriculum. UW-Green Bay plans for appropriate growth including increasing undergraduate enrollment and increasing the array of graduate programs.

Commitment to Community

As an institution committed to its broader community, UW-Green Bay seeks to engage the community. By doing so we address the University’s mission and responsibilities, create civic-minded students, and promote economic well-being which will help strengthen the northeast Wisconsin community. We encourage and support relevant, deliberate faculty and staff interaction and involvement with the Greater Green Bay community, the New North region, the state of Wisconsin, and beyond. We recognize that improving our community strengthens our institution.

Diversity and Institutional Environment

The University strives for diversity that is broadly inclusive, warmly welcoming, and equitable in its treatment of all members of the University community. UW-Green Bay is an institution committed to diversity of thought and practice which seeks to move beyond labels and categories that put up barriers and tend to fragment populations.

The University is committed to hiring and retaining a more diverse faculty and staff as we continue to recruit a more diverse student body.

The University invests in its people and strives to create a work environment that supports personal and professional growth, collegiality and a healthy quality of life. The University strives to provide competitive compensation and benefits.

Finance, Budget, Resources

The University will increase its ability to acquire, develop, use and manage resources. In order to enhance student success, deliver an appropriate mix of academic programs, and recruit and retain outstanding faculty and staff, additional funding, facilities and technology are critical. Finances will greatly determine the extent we are able to address our mission responsibilities. For growth, quality improvement and maintenance, it is important that the University acquire additional funding, budget effectively, create greater efficiencies, and commit resources to in-demand programs and services.

Identity, Image, Marketing

UW-Green Bay is an outstanding university that advances knowledge, assists students in transforming their lives, and drives economic growth. We strive to create a clear and positive identity. Our marketing and public relations efforts position UW-Green Bay as a premier university in areas of teaching and learning, research and service. We strive for an identity as a university that students choose as their first choice as we face increasing competition from degree granting for-profit corporations and other colleges and universities.

Meeting the Needs of Students

The success of our students is the highest priority of UW-Green Bay. The University provides students with excellent learning opportunities and necessary learning resources, connects learning to life through rigorous interdisciplinary academic programs, and enhances student progression toward graduation. UW-Green Bay supports the healthy growth and development of all students and provides a safe and active campus environment that encourages students to have an enjoyable and successful educational experience that allows them to explore and reach their goals. Students are encouraged to extend their learning experience beyond the classroom.


We demonstrate leadership in our policies, programs and practices toward local and global ecological integrity. As stewards of knowledge, we continue to institutionalize appropriate environmental practices, policies and sustainability-related curriculum decisions. We seek to prepare a community of sustainable learners and ensure our students are being prepared for employment and citizenship in a world defined, in part, by environmental and other challenges. We must ensure that the University promotes sustainability in all aspects of the University.

UW System Goals

In addition to these seven themes, we will work to address the UW System’s Growth Agenda for Wisconsin:
• to educate more better-prepared students ready to succeed in the innovation economy,
• to help create new better-paying jobs of the future, and
• to enhance life in local communities all across Wisconsin.

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