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Warren Johnson

Warren Johnson
Associate Professor / Advisor
LS 451
(920) 465-2275

Research Interests: Currently my main research interest is in isolating catabolite modulator factor (CMF), a global gene regulatory small molecule (molecular mass < 1000g) that is heat stable from the E. coli. When CMF is added to cultures of E. coli, it antagonizes the effect of cAMP on gene expression. Early work on CMF was done by Ullmann, Tiller and Monod, (1976) and Dessein, Tillier, and Ullmann (1978) and nothing has since been reported.
Currently, work is being done to optimize the growth conditions of E. coli to produce the maximum amount of CMF. Additional improvements need to be developed for the assay for CMF. It is difficult and cumbersome to use our current assay.

Education: Ph.D. - Biochemistry, University of Iowa