Franklin M.C. Chen



Ph.D., Chemistry 
Princeton University


B.A.,  AGricultural Chemistry 
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan





Associate Professor, Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay


Assistant Professor, Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

2002 Summer

Visiting Scholar, Medical College of Wisconsin


Research Fellow, Kimberly-Clark Corporation.


Senior Research Scientist, Johnson and Johnson


Research Scientist, Colgate and Palmolive Company


Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers University


Graduate Student, Princeton University





Professional Memberships

American Chemical Society.

     -Polymer Science

     -Chair:  Northeast Wisconsin Section, 2005

     -Chair-Elect: Northeast Wisconsin Section, 2004.

Rheological Society

Phi-Kappa-Phi Honor Society




    Chem420, Polymer Chemistry


    Chem320, Chem322:  Thermodynamics and Kinetics (Lectures and Lab)


    Chem321, Chem323:  Structure of Matter (Lectures and Lab)


    Chem211, Principle of Chemistry, I (Lectures and Discussions)


    Chem212, Principle of Chemistry, II (laboratory)





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Synthesis of Quantum Dots Under Sonic Field

Mesoporous Materials For Fuel Carrier Applications

Superabsorbent Synthesis and Applications (with National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan)

Quantum Chemistry of Colors (Computations)

Solid Luminescence Materials for Medical Research Applications (with Medical College of Wisconsin)

Dynamic Modeling for Stratosphere Ozone


Kacee Desjarlais:        Research Chemist, George-Pacific Inc., Neenah, WI

Zack Brown                Graduate Student, Pittsburgh University