Chem 420 Polymer Chemistry         Fall, 2004



Franklin M. Chen




Class Hours

Tuesday 5-7:50 PM



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RJ Young and PA Lovell;  Introduction to Polymers, 2nd Edition, 1991, Chapman




The course offers three units.  In Unit 1, we discuss the polymerization methods.  Included in the discussions are step polymerization, chain polymerization, and anionic polymerization.  In Unit 2, we learn about polymer characterization, primarily in the area of osmotic pressure, light scattering, and gel permeation chromatography.  In Unit 3, we focus various forms of polymers such as crystalline polymer and amorphous polymers.  The course is designed for juniors, seniors for better job preparations and for industrial employees for advancing their careers.


Week of


Suggested reading

2 Sept

Introduction, definitions ,nonmenclature, and molar mass

Chapter 1

8 Sept

Polymer synthesis, step polymerization

Chapter 2

15  Sept

Polymer synthesis, chain polymerization

Chapter 2

22 Sept.

Polymer synthesis, anionic polymerization

Chapter 2

29 Sept.

Review & Discussions; EXAM 1

Chapters 1-2

6 Oct

Polymer characterization-Thermodynamics of polymer solution.

Chapter 3

13  Oct

Frictional properties of polymer molecules in dilute solution.

Chapter 3

20 Oct

Molecular weight and molecular weight distribution

Chapter 3

27 Oct

Static light scattering

Chapter 3

3  Nov

Dynamic light scattering

Chapter 3

10 Nov

Review & Discussions; EXAM 2

Chapter 3

17 Nov

Small angle X-ray and neutron scattering

Chapter 3

24 Nov

Polymer crystals

Chapter 3

1 Dec

Amorphous polymers

Chapter 4

8 Dec

Review & Discussions

Chapters 2-4

15 Dec

Exam III

Chapters 4


Exams                                                         70%

Problem Sets                                                  25%

Classroom Participation                                  5%