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Computing & Information Technology

Tips & Training - Remote Access


Remote File Transfer via WebDAV
WebDAV is an extension of the HTTP protocol that allows users to edit and manage files on remote servers. WebDAV is available to Windows or Macintosh users. WebDAV access is available only for network volumes on fpsa (faculty/staff and department shares) and fpsb (student and course shares). WebDAV cannot be enabled for web drives (weba).

Remote Desktop for Faculty and Staff
The Remote Desktop service offers faculty and staff access to their campus Windows PC from any location on or off campus via an Internet connection.  Remote Desktop is not available to access a campus Macintosh.

Remote Lab for Students
The UW-Green Bay Remote Lab service offers students secure access to a campus lab computer from any location on or off campus via an Internet connection.  A pool of 32 PCs can be logged into from either Windows or Macintosh clients any time of the day or night.

GBShare Content Management System
GBShare is a web-based content management system that will serve as a file sharing and collaboration environment for UW-Green Bay faculty, staff, and students. GBShare became available in Fall 2007 for all campus users. Users log into the GBShare system with their campus username and password, and will be given 300 MB of GBShare space. Users are able to grant access to files in GBShare to anyone on campus or anyone off campus with access to email.