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Computing & Information Technology

Workshops Offered

Cloud Technologies

  • O365, One Drive for Business and SharePoint
  • Attendees will have hands-on opportunity to explore One Drive for Business and discuss SharePoint. User will create folders, upload files, and share those files with people on and off campus. (OneDrive for Business and SharePoint will eventually replace GBShare.)

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • PowerPower Presentations - Quick Start
  • In this course, users will learn the basics of creating, editing, and sharing presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. The workshop shows how to build a slideshow from scratch, or use PowerPoint templates and themes for quick construction. Patricia Theyerl will show how to add and edit text, images, graphs, video, and animation. Workshop will wrap-up with an introduction to for further development of skills.

Microsoft Excel

  • Excel - Advanced Formatting Techniques
  • For the intermediate or advanced Excel user:
    Hands-on opportunity to learn and practice the following skills: 1.) Applying Conditional Formatting 2.)Applying Fraction and Scientific Formatting 3.)Applying Special Number Formats 4.)Creating Custom Number Formats 5.)Wrapping Text and Shrinking Text to Fit within Cells 6.)Using Text Functions: Upper, Lower, Proper, Substitute, Right, Left, Mid, and Trim 7.)Filtering a Worksheet Using a Custom AutoFilter 8.)Filtering and Sorting Data Using Conditional Formatting or Cell Attributes. 9.)Importing TXT and CSV files correctly (for example, to retain leading zeros).