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Congruency Testing

One of the keys to effective casework is making sure that there is a proper fit or congruency between the various aspects of the case. In general, there are four basic levels of a case.


  Case Facts      Research     Grounded Assumptions

Problem Analysis

Strategy Development

Tactical Development

Congruency Tests

Congruency Test

Sample Mistake

Case Facts Grounded Assumptions

All employees at a paper mill are college-educated.

Exploratory Phase Problem Analysis

The boss said "develop a sign", so I have to create a sign.  

Problem Analysis Strategy

Since so many people complained about the timetable, we are going to scrap it and put it on-line.

Strategy Tactics

A company provides employees with a new suggestion box in an attempt to encourage more innovation.  


Phases of the Case Study


What is it?



This is the time when you explore the case by interpreting the case facts, conducting research, and making grounded assumptions.

Assumptions must be grounded in your case facts and research.

 Stated Problem Actual Problem

 Make sure your assumptions are not trivial.

Problem Analysis

This is the time when you analyze your information and decide on the underlying core issues that must be addressed.

Symptoms Root Problems

All problems are not equally important.

Make sure to identify all the audiences.


This is the point at which you develop a basic plan and general objectives.

The strategy should be firmly rooted in communication principles.


This is the point at which you develop your specific solutions, which may include creating a videotape, writing a memo, or drafting a presentation, newsletter, etc. 

A pre-packaged solution may not meet your need.

The tactics need to be sufficiently specific to be actionable.

Excellent tactics can not overcome a poor strategy.