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"Anyone can talk, but few do so strategically"


Learning Model

learning model

My teaching philosophy is designed to help you become a thoughtful, strategic, and professional communicator.  You can do that by studying class material (readings, lectures and discussion), applying what you learned and demonstrating your knowledge in projects, cases or class exercises.  After your demonstration, you will receive feedback that you can use to enhance your skills or thought processes. Building those enhancements into future projects allows you to continuously improve (CI). As you continuously improve you will learn to study in a deeper and more productive manner. As you continually cycle through this process, you are simultaneously becoming a more thoughtful, strategic, and professional communicator.



Listed below is some advice from former communications students who have successfully trained their neural pathways.

"Taking a Phil class will definitely raise your stress levels.  However, once the class is over, you will realize that it was all worth it."   -Jerome Allen

"Do not concern yourself with what you believe Phil is "looking for" as the "right answer," rather construct a unique solution to the problem and develop a strong line of rationale and you will succeed beyond measure" -Marcus Reitz

"GO TO CLASS!!!  No matter how many notes you print off the website, you will never get all the information!, read, read!  If you don't read, the multiple choice questions in the exams are going to kick your butt!" -Angela Stangel