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"Anyone can talk, but few do so strategically"





    Phillip G. Clampitt is the Philip J. and Elizabeth B. Hendrickson Professor of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He is also a full professor in the Information Sciences and Communication programs.  He received his Ph.D. in organizational communication from the University of Kansas. He has published in various journals including,

    The Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Communication Management, Journal of Business Communication, Management Communication Quarterly, Journal of Broadcasting, Communication World and Sloan Management Review. In addition, his work has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal.

    He also has served on the editorial review board of numerous professional journals including Management Communication Quarterly and the Journal of Business Communication.  

    His book, Communicating for Managerial Effectiveness (4th  edition), is a Sage Publications bestseller, and is based on his research from over 50 communication assessments.  M.E. Sharpe published his most recent book, Embracing Uncertainty: The Essence of Leadership. Professor Clampitt is also the founder of MetaComm, a consulting firm that enables organizations to take their communication practices to a "higher plane". He has consulted with numerous major corporations over the past twenty years.









Listed below is some advice from former communications students who have successfully trained their neural pathways.

"Taking a Phil class will definitely raise your stress levels.  However, once the class is over, you will realize that it was all worth it."   -Jerome Allen

"Do not concern yourself with what you believe Phil is "looking for" as the "right answer," rather construct a unique solution to the problem and develop a strong line of rationale and you will succeed beyond measure" -Marcus Reitz

"GO TO CLASS!!!  No matter how many notes you print off the website, you will never get all the information!, read, read!  If you don't read, the multiple choice questions in the exams are going to kick your butt!" -Angela Stangel