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"Anyone can talk, but few do so strategically"

Group Work

working in groups will be part of your life

  • Each of your courses will require you to work in a group with your fellow students. This situation is the same that you will find in any working environment after graduation. Learning to work well with others and collaborate as a team is a skill that will be invaluable in your future.


Listed below is some advice from former communications students who have successfully trained their neural pathways.

"Taking a Phil class will definitely raise your stress levels.  However, once the class is over, you will realize that it was all worth it."   -Jerome Allen

"Do not concern yourself with what you believe Phil is "looking for" as the "right answer," rather construct a unique solution to the problem and develop a strong line of rationale and you will succeed beyond measure" -Marcus Reitz

"Experience teaches only the teachable."
- Aldous Huxley