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Course Policies

1.      Attendance - the very nature of this class requires attendance.  Inevitably, unforeseen emergencies arise that necessitate missing a scheduled class.  In order to avoid penalizing any student who must, for some reason, be absent, the following policy exists:

Students are held responsible for information covered in the session missed.  Notes should be obtained from fellow classmates, not the professor.  Excessive absences (more than 3) will result in a course grade reduction.  If your involvement in university-sponsored activities requires that you miss certain class period, then you must provide the professor with a written calendar of the days you will miss.

2.      Plagiarism - all work should be the product of the student’s individual effort.

3.      Written work - all daily work and major papers should be typed and conform to the UWGB writing policy guidelines.  This is one mark of professionalism.

4.      Extra credit - I do not assign and will not grade extra credit.

5.        Late work - Major projects may be turned in late with a penalty of one letter grade per day.  Daily assignments cannot be made up. You will receive a “ 0” for the day.

Grading Scale:

All grading will be done on a “0 - 100%” scale which translates into the following letter grades: 

A:  92% + C:  70 -78%
AB:  89 - 91% D:  60 - 69%
B:  82 - 88% F:  Below 59%
BC:  79 -81%