General Information

Academic Program Chairs

Each academic program must have a representative at the ceremony to help confer degrees. Unless we hear otherwise, we are assuming that each program chair will be participating in academic apparel. If this is not the case, the chairperson is responsible for contacting either the Commencement Coordinator, Clif Ganyard, or Pam Gilson, Testing Coordinator, with the name of the person who will be representing the academic program. This information is needed by April 1 for a May ceremony and November 1 for a December ceremony to meet printing deadlines for the Commencement Program and to configure the ceremony lineup order.

Caps & Gowns

If you plan to participate in the Fall/Winter 2018 ceremony (processional and recessional) but do not own academic apparel, The Phoenix Bookstore has apparel available for you to rent (at your own expense). Estimated prices are: $34.99 for a bachelor's gown/cap/tassel package, $64.99 for a master's or doctorate package (includes hood), $34.99 for a master's or doctorate gown/cap/tassel package (w/o hood), and $34.99 for a master's or doctorate hood only (note: all prices subject to change).

Please visit the bookstore in person or online to complete the rental reservation form by [date TBD].  Apparel must be reserved by this date in order to arrive in time for the ceremony.  Any late fees assessed because of failure to meet the reservation deadline will be the sole responsibility of the individual faculty/staff member.

Faculty gown rental pickup:  An e-mail will be sent when rental reservations have arrived at the bookstore.  Please verify that you have the correct apparel, including the tassel (black for masters degrees, gold for Ph.D.), before leaving the store.

Faculty gown purchase: If you are interested in purchasing your own apparel, please visit the bookstore or contact them via email. The package price is approximately $569.00 (TBD); individual pieces are also available to purchase.  The deadline for custom regalia purchase is [date TBD].