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Spring/Summer Ceremony Details for Faculty/Staff

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay's Spring/Summer Commencement ceremony will be held Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 11:30 a.m. at the Kress Events Center.

The Commencement ceremony is approximately 2 hours in length.


If you plan to participate in the Spring/Summer 2018 ceremony (processional and recessional) but do not own academic apparel, The Phoenix Bookstore has apparel available for rent or purchase (at your own expense). Please refer to the General Information Page for Faculty and Staff for more information.

Robing and Processional

The platform party and other participating faculty and staff will robe in the Special Events Room (near the building's south entrance). The outside doors of the Kress Events Center will open at 8:00 a.m., as for normal business hours.

Plan to arrive no later than 10:45 a.m. to allow adequate time to robe and be given seating instructions. The processional line will form at precisely 11:15 a.m. Unfortunately, we won't be able to fit late arrivals into the lineup.

Refreshments will be available for participating faculty and staff. Portable coat racks will be available and will be secured during the ceremony, so you may leave any necessary personal belongings behind.

The Processional lineup is as follows:

  1. University Marshal
  2. International flag bearers
  3. Graduates
  4. Faculty and Staff
  5. Platform Party
  6. Mace Bearer
  7. Chancellor
  8. Color Guard

Graduates will process and receive their diplomas by college. Student marshals will lead the dean of each college and its graduates in the processional. Once each dean's grads are in place, the dean will take his/her place on the stage and remain standing until the rest of the platform party arrives and the Chancellor gives the cue to be seated.

Conferring of Degrees

Master's Degree Presentation

The Director of Graduate Studies will present the master's degree candidates to the Chancellor for degree conferring. When called forward, major professors will meet their candidates on stage near the announcer and will assist the Director of Graduate Studies with the hooding of the graduates. The graduates will then proceed across the stage and receive their diplomas from the Chancellor, followed by a photo stop at the end of the stage (see order of diploma presentations).

Associate's and Bachelor's Degree Presentation

The dean of each college will present their associate's and bachelor's degree candidates to the Chancellor for degree conferring. Discipline chairs will be called forward in the order of majors within each college. When called forward, chairs should position themselves behind the dean, ready to congratulate the graduate after the Chancellor presents his/her diploma. There will be X’s placed on the stage floor so you will know where to stand. The graduate will then continue across the stage to the photography area (see order of diploma presentations).


The Mace Bearer will begin the platform party recessional. After the University Marshal exits, the student marshals will release the rest of the platform party and faculty and staff by rows. The order of the recessional will be as follows:

  1. Mace Bearer
  2. Chancellor
  3. Provost
  4. Platform Party
  5. Faculty/Staff
  6. University Marshal
  7. Graduates

The recessional will not be in college order, so the deans will recess with the platform party. The class speaker will make an announcement to start the graduates' recessional after the platform party and faculty and staff have recessed out. Student marshals will lead graduates to alternate exits, where they will recess to the Dick Bennett Gym.


Follow either the South Circle Drive Entrance or Bay Settlement Entrance to Sports Center Drive continue on to the Center. Staff will direct you to park in the closest available area. If you are transporting elderly or handicapped guests, please let the security personnel know upon arrival. You will be directed to a drop off point at the entrance of the Kress Events Center. There are also handicapped parking spots available in all surrounding lots.