Photography & Video


Due to safety concerns and obvious traffic flow problems, parents and guests will not be allowed to take photos in the aisles during the commencement ceremony. Because of this, we have contracted with a professional photographer, Empire Photography, to take pictures of our graduates before they enter the stage, as they receive their diplomas, and in front of a UWGB backdrop at the end of the stage. Graduates can receive a discount on orders pre-registering. Proofs will be sent via email and postal mail within 36-48 hours after the ceremony. Orders placed through the email/website are fulfilled within 72 hours. You can also view the photos online.

Graduates will also have an opportunity to have individual photos taken and place orders the day of the Graduation Resource Fair. Photographers will be available from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and 3:00-5:00 p.m. on November 7, 2018 in the Phoenix Rooms of the University Union for the Fall/Winter ceremony. The Spring/Summer date is April 10, 2019.

There will be an area designated for family/friends to take their own photos in the Weidner Center Grand Foyer, or you may take photos in front of (NOT ON) the ceremony stage for up to 30 minutes AFTER the ceremony. Please note that only graduates and commencement staff are allowed in Fort Howard Hall (which serves as the graduate robing room) prior to and during the ceremony. Thank you for your cooperation!

Please be courteous when taking photos in the hallways as this area becomes very congested before and after the ceremony. Also, it's very important that the international and Native American tribal flags on display in the lobby are left in their places as some of them will be used in the ceremony and they are the property of UW-Green Bay. Again, we appreciate your cooperation.

Ceremony photos will be uploaded to this website and the commencement Facebook page as soon as possible after the ceremony.


The commencement ceremony will be broadcast via live video streaming. It will also be electronically recorded. DVD's will be available for purchase by contacting the campus Client Services department at (920) 465-2416 or via email.