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Students, alumni, staff, and community members who perform the music and processional announcements in the commencement ceremony are paid a stipend for their services. The stipend amount for band members is $80, for national anthem and alma mater performers it is $50, and for processional announcers it is $50.

State and federal policies require paperwork to be completed in order for payments to be processed. All current student performers must sign and submit the Student Employment Acknowledgement for each position they work on campus. In addition, all performers must sign and submit a current Commencement Band Performance Agreement prior to the ceremony. (Please note that there is one performance form for student performers and one for non-student performers.) Please check the chart below to see which forms you will need to complete.

The forms are available to download by clicking on the links, or you may pick up printed copies in Cofrin Library, Suite 835. All forms must be completed, signed, and dated in ink and submitted to Jan Snyder in the Provost Office, Suite 835 in the Cofrin Library (NOT to Human Resources) no later than 30 days after your performance. After that your performance will be considered volunteer work.

If you are required to complete the I-9 Form, it is important to note two things: 1) the acceptable forms of ID listed on page 4 (one from List A OR one from List B AND one from List C), and 2) you will need to bring the forms and ID in person to CL835 for ID verification.

If you have any questions, please contact the commencement staff via email or by phone at (920) 465-2082. Our mailing address is 2420 Nicolet Dr./CL 835, Green Bay, WI 54311-7001.

Performer Paperwork Required
Student currently on UWGB payroll Performance Agreement and Student Employment Acknowledgement only (unless other forms on file in HR are outdated)
Student not on payroll Student Employment Acknowledgement, Performance Agreement, I-9 w/ 2 forms of ID (see instructions for specifics), Self-ID Form, W-4 Form, and Direct Deposit. See below for Health Insurance Marketplace Notice.
Alumni on payroll during current calendar year Performance Agreement only (unless forms on file in HR are outdated)
Alumni not on payroll during current year Performance Agreement and W-9
University Staff Performance Agreement and Temporary Employment Forms
Unclassified Staff Performance Agreement
Community member Performance Agreement and W-9

Direct Deposit Form
Health Insurance Marketplace Notice
I-9 Form
Performance Agreement Form (Student)
Performance Agreement Form (Non-Student)
Self-Identification Form
Student Employment Acknowledgement
W-4 Form
W-9 Form
Temporary Employment Forms (contact Jan Snyder)