Common Goal

Campus diversity with respect to (but not limited to) ethnicity, expressions of gender, age, socioeconomic status, ability status, religion, and sexual orientation offers significant social and educational benefits. Our goal for this Common Theme is to present a variety of opportunities on campus for students, faculty and community members to engage in positive discussions that explore and celebrate diversity, that identify and challenge oppression, and that focus on positive steps that can be taken toward creating a more inclusive campus community

Activities will focus on:

  1. Celebrating the social and educational benefits of diversity for our campus and community.
  2. Identifying the factors that prevent students, faculty, and community members from fully appreciating the benefits of diversity.
  3. Exploring the "real life" experiences of diverse groups on our campus and in our community.
  4. Learning about ways to foster a positive, inclusive campus community.
  5. Understanding "white ownership" and one's personal responsibility for fostering inclusivity.

It is anticipated that these activities will bring us closer to realizing UW-Green Bay's select mission of "preparing students to think critically and address complex issues in a multicultural and evolving world".

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Book Discussions

The entire community is invited to participate in the Book Discussions.

Please see the Calendar of Events & Activities page for more information.

These books may be purchased through The Phoenix Bookstore where 100% of the proceeds goes to benefit UWGB or online from Powell's Books. Powell's purchases will benefit the Friends of the Cofrin Library.