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Common Theme 2017-18Democratic Dialogue

Common Theme Overview

Given the range of important social and political issues that are currently facing world, it is more important now than ever before to get people thinking about ways that they can engage in public life, politics, and civic activities. Students need to have the idea that engaging in public life is important and be continually pushed to think about what they are learning connects back to their role as citizens.

Some possible topics to consider:

  • How do we engage young people in political and civic life? What role should schools play in the process of fostering civic engagement? How good of a job are they doing?
  • How have levels of volunteerism in the United States changed over time and what are the implications?
  • How people have contributed to and improved public life through careers in public service
  • What are some potential ways to get involved in civic life? What are some interesting examples of how people in the UWGB community have had important impacts on public life? What motived them to take action?
  • What innovations are being used to get students involved in public affairs?
  • The impact of civic and political engagement on public policy.
  • Ideas on how to teach about civic engagement across different majors, disciplines, academic programs, etc.
  • What are some of the effects of civic engagement on people, states, countries, communities, etc.?
  • Integrating service learning or other “high impact practices” related to civic engagement into college courses