Events - Jon Waterman

Jon Waterman - September 23, 2009 8:00pm Phoenix Rooms

Author, photographer and adventurer Jon Waterman first began taking pictures of his expeditions thirty years ago. He has also authored nine books about his adventures, his writing has been printed in publications such as the Washington Post, and he has been interviewed for National Geographic and other notable media. Waterman has also starred in and written three films for television, and he received numerous literary and achievement awards for his work.

Waterman is most widely known for his exploration of the North, specifically Alaska and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. These experiences will theme Waterman’s presentation at UWGB, “Oil vs. Wilderness.”

The "Oil Versus Wilderness" program has been updated to show the findings from an expedition Jon led, with the world famous conservationist, Dr. George Schaller, to study climate change in northern Alaska. As the recipient of a National Geographic grant, the author traveled with three grad students and Dr. Schaller, visiting with other scientists, Native Americans, and traveling throughout the Arctic National Wildlife refuge (ANWR) to document the startling effects of global warming to be released by the National Geographic in fall 2007 on TV and in various magazine articles. The lecture was also derived from Jon's teaching an accredited course for the University of Alaska on this subject, to determine the esthetic values behind wilderness preservation versus northern industry. Since ANWR was first created in 1960, oil companies have repeatedly lobbied Congress to open this most pristine sanctuary to drilling. As a veteran of a half dozen trips into the remote, 19-million-acre ANWR-bearing witness to the incredible caribou migration and a cornucopia of wildlife found nowhere else on the continent. Jon shares both slides and film, while telling an educational and insightful story about the potential cultural/ environmental impacts of drilling contrasted with the economic benefits of oil development, and complicated by global warming.

A silent auction featuring mounted pieces of Jon Waterman’s works will take place following his lecture. Mr. Waterman will sign each piece for the successful bidder. All proceeds will go to the Alaska Wilderness League.