Who are the tutors?

Writing Center tutors include instructors from the English Composition program, as well as student tutors who are selected based on their outstanding writing ability and communication skills.

How do I become a tutor?

The Writing Center only employs a small number of student tutors in any given semester. Most of these tutors are recommended by faculty members; however, if you would like to be considered as a Writing Center tutor, please contact the Director of the Writing Center, Jennie Young, at youngj@uwgb.edu, or in her office, MAC B 328. You will be asked to provide three samples of writing, preferably longer term papers rather than short essays or creative pieces.

What types of writing can I bring to the Writing Center?

Most students bring written work for their classes at UW-Green Bay. These can be shorter essays or longer term papers. Students are welcome to come to the Writing Center at any stage of the writing process. Our tutors can assist with not only close-to-final drafts, but also idea generation and project planning. Some students also bring application materials for scholarships and graduate school, as well as job application materials such as resumes or cover letters.

What should I bring?

Come to your Writing Center appointment with a printed copy of your paper, a copy of your assignment handout, and a pen or pencil. Please arrive on time and with your materials in hand.

Will a tutor read my paper ahead of time?

No. Our tutors are busy teachers and students who can only meet with you during the scheduled 30 minute or hour-long appointment. You can, however, set up more than one appointment for the same paper.

May I request a particular tutor?

Yes. While all of our tutors are highly qualified, you may find one with whom you work well. Tutoring Services has a copy of the tutor schedule each semester.

What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?

Contact the Tutoring and Learning Center by stopping by Cofrin Library or calling (920) 465-2958. If you miss three appointments in the same term without canceling ahead of time, you are no longer eligible for Writing Center services.

Can I meet with a tutor more than once on the same paper?

Absolutely. Most writing teachers teach that writing is a process, and you can come to the Writing Center at any stage in that process. It can be helpful to receive feedback on multiple drafts, assuming that appointments are available.

During Your Appointment: 

What happens during a Writing Center appointment?

At your appointment, you can expect your tutor to begin with a series of questions about the assignment and/or your writing. S/he might ask, for example, what strengths and weaknesses you can identify in your paper, or whether you have any particular questions. Your tutor will then read your paper and provide feedback on particular areas of concern. Your tutor will move from large-scale issues (such as organization or research) to small-scale concerns of grammar and punctuation. During your appointment, you may not even discuss these small-scale concerns if the tutor focuses more on the bigger picture of your paper.

Will my tutor proofread my paper? Please?

Our goal is to help you become a better writer, which means more than having an error-free paper. You cannot learn to be a better writer until you can spot your own errors and correct them. The tutor may notice patterns of grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors and help you identify and correct those mistakes, but the tutor will not read through and mark up your paper for you.