Goals & Policies

  • Our Goal: To help UWGB students to become better writers, ones who can find the strengths and weaknesses in their own writing and revise accordingly.
  • What We'll Do: We're happy to give advice to UWGB students at any stage in the writing process, from the person who just received the assignment and wants to talk about possible approaches to the one who's almost done and just has a few questions about citation format or comma usage.
  • What We Won't Do: We won't rewrite your paper for you, and we won't simply correct all your punctuation and grammar errors for you. That's because you wouldn't learn anything if we did it all for you. Instead, we'll try to teach you how to find your own errors, as well as working with you on larger-scale elements such as organization and style. That way, you won't just turn in a better paper; you'll become a better writer.