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Computer Science


How to get computer science software

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This page tells students and faculty how to get software used in UWGB Computer Science courses.

Specifically we describe how to get:

  • Microsoft products: Visual Basic, Visual Web Developer, C++, etc. see next section.
  • Eclipse and Java (after the Microsoft section).

How to get Microsoft Software Including Web Developer Express, Visual Studio.Net 2005, Visio, MS Project

Microsoft has made freely available a number of products in an Express version which should meet most needs.  These products can be downloaded from Microsoft's website for free from this site:

  • Visual Web Developer Express (2005 edition)
  • Visual Basic Express (2005 edition)
  • Visual C++ Express (2005 edition)

The following express versions can be downloaded from this common link:

The PC system requirements are listed in step 1 of the download process. Before installing, please verify that your PC or laptop meets those requirements.

UWGB's MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center - (UWGB Students/Faculty Only)

UWGB's Computer Science Department is a member of Microsoft's Academic Alliance. That partnership makes Microsoft programming software available at a substantially reduced price. For example, Visual Studio.Net 2005 Professional retails for $799, but you can get it for $32.50 + shipping & handling through the MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center (price as of June 2007). You can also download Visual Studio.Net 2005 and other products for free (such as OneNote 2007 and Expression Web). [Note: if you are running a PC or Laptop with Windows ME or Windows 98, you may need to upgrade to Windows XP Professional if you want to develop software using Visual Studio.Net.]

Computer Science students who are currently enrolled in programming courses have been enrolled in UWGB's MSDN AA Software Center which enables you to download or order software from the website: Enrollment in the MSDN AA Software Center expires at the end of each semester. UWGB's MSDN AA Software Center sends out an Email message to each enrollee containing their User ID and Password that allows students to log into the Software Center where they can purchase products. If you have been previously enrolled in the MSDN AA Software Center, you will not receive an Email, but your previous password will still work. If you have forgotten that password and you want it reset, please contact Jim Hatlak. Your password is different from the one you use at UWGB.

Please save that Email message so you can refer to it whenever you need your password.

Your User ID will be your entire UWGB Email address (e.g.,

UWGB's MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center website is at

To Order CD's

You can order CDs for any of the these products (VS.Net 2003, MS Project, Visio, Windows XP) as follows:

  • You will need a valid credit card.
  • Navigate to:
  • Click on the Login button on the left side of the home page and login (use your email address and password).
  • Then click on the "Software" button at the top.
  • To order a CD for one of the products, click on that product Icon, which will take you to an order screen.
  • After ordering, your product should be delivered within 1-2 weeks.

How to get Eclipse, UWGB's Java Development Environment (Software Design I & II)

There are several ways students can get eclipse, our Java Development environment. The following information might be discussed in the Software Design classes, but is provided here for your convenience.  Please contact Lecturer Jim Hatlak or Professor Hosung Song if you have questions about the procedure for installing Eclipse.

For those of you unfamiliar with Eclipse, it is an open source professional Java development environment originally developed by IBM and currently used as the basis for IBM’s WebSphere Java development product, and many other commercial products. Find out more about Eclipse at:

Note: these instructions are for getting the release of Eclipse installed on our lab PCs (Eclipse 3.4, a.k.a. Ganymede, R2).

To get eclipse, you will need to either:

  • If you don't have a high speed Internet access at your home, bring in a blank CD-R or a USB drive and download/copy files from the Internet on a UWGB computer, or
  • If you do have a high speed Internet access at your home, directly download Java from Sun’s Java site, and Eclipse from the web-site.

Two-Step Process

Setting up the eclipse programming environment on your PC or laptop is a two step process:

  1. Download and install the Java Development Kit (JDK), which also includes the Jave Runtime Environment (JRE)
  2. Download and intall eclipse

Step 1.  Download and install Sun’s JDK and JRE

Before installing Eclipse, you will need to install Sun’s Java JDK (Java development kit) and JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

You can get the latest version, by downloading it directly from Sun at:

Make sure you download the Java 6 SE JDK, not just JRE. JDK includes JRE, but JRE doesn't include JDK, and we need JDK.

The URL for current JDK download is The update version number on Sun’s site will likely increase as they upgrade JDK. It's OK to download the then-current update version.

Sun distributes the Java JDK as a large “exe” file such as: jdk-6u18-windows-i586-p.exe (~ 76 Meg). Save this download in a folder you remember. After download is complete, you double click this file and it begins the installation of both the JDK and the JRE at once. Place them in their standard locations (on Windows: C:\Program Files\Java).

After installation, you should see the following directories on your computer:

  • C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_18 and
  • C:\Program Files\Java\jre6
    (Note that the drive letter is dependent on what drive you installed it on, and the update number “_18” could be larger if you downloaded the software from Sun.)

Step 2. Download and install Eclipse

[Note: this assumes you have installed the Java JDK and JRE as described above.]

Download Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede SR2 (Not the most recent version as of this writing, but the version installed on our lab PCs)

Unzip the file (

  • Double-click the file or run WinZip to un-zip the file. You probably want to un-zip it onto the C:\ directory. By default it will un-zip into a sub-directory named eclipse. All components will be unzipped into the same (eclipse) sub-directory. The directory structure is important. If you decide to rename the eclipse director, or to move it, please retain its structure.
  • If you get warning messages prompting you to replace existing eclipse files, you can replace them.
  • Run Eclipse by going to the directory where you installed it and double-clicking the eclipse.exe file. For convenience, you might want to create a desktop short-cut to the eclipse.exe program for later use.

Run the software updater (optional).

To update your new version of Eclipse, do:

  • Start-up Eclipse by going to the directory where you installed it (e.g, C:\eclipse), and double-click on the eclipse.exe program. For convenience, you might want to create a desktop short-cut to the eclipse.exe program for later use.
  • After Eclipse starts up, click on the Help menu, and select Software Updates, then Find and Install. Help==>Software Updates==>Find and Install …
  • Select Search for New Features to Install and click the Next button.
  • Select Callisto Discovery Site and check Ignore Features not applicable to this Environment
  • Click the Finish button, and then select a Callisto Update site or a Mirrored site, thus indicating the site from where you will get the downloads.
  • Select the Sub-Features you want to install.
    [UWGB’s site has all features that were available in July of 2006, and we will update our version of Eclipse each summer.]
  • Nice features to have are:
    • C and C++ Development
    • Database Development
    • Graphical Editors and Frameworks
    • Java Development (GEF and Visual Editor)
    • Models and Model Development
    • Web and J2EE Development
    • Enabling Features (supports web and database development)