Candidate Travel

Making travel arrangements for interview candidates can be challenging. The following tips and suggestions should help to make this process faster, easier, and save your department money. As with employee travel, Procurement cards cannot be used for hotel costs, airline tickets, or other travel costs.

Air transportation for candidates should be arranged by and paid for by the candidate whenever possible. This is much less time consuming for the departments, and eliminates the university's risk of paying for tickets that may not be used. (The ticket-holder receives credit for unused tickets, NOT the organization that pays for them. The University's only recourse would be to request reimbursement from the candidate.) If it is not possible for the candidate to pay for their own airfare, the airfare can be prepaid by the University. An email from the department chair or dean requesting a direct billed airfare should include: The candidate's name, dates of travel, ticket cost, and the account number to be charged. Fox World Travel must be used for all Airfare. Airfares whether arranged by the candidate or the University must be the lowest fare available (i.e. non-refundable coach tickets.)

Lodging for candidates must be within the State limit for Green Bay (currently $82 per night.) UWGB policy is to have candidates pay for their lodging rather than having it direct billed to the University. (An exception can be made when the candidate otherwise could not attend the interview.) Hotel bills often include personal charges such as phone calls, movies, etc. that cannot be paid with University funds, therefore it is best to reimburse the candidate for their lodging costs rather than direct billing the university.

Campus policy is to prioritize candidate travel expense reimbursements. To help ensure prompt reimbursement, please communicate the State travel limits to the candidates for meals, lodging, etc. The candidate's Travel Expense Report must include: Their signature (either original, or faxed) the department chair's and/or dean's signature, position number of the job they interviewed for, and expense receipts. If these guidelines are followed, the candidate should receive their reimbursement check within 10 days of their Travel Expense Report arriving in the Travel Coordinator's office.